Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dream a little dream of me.

Give Us More Mer-Der

Sigh, I swear the season premiere was rly good. Haha, a few scares here and thr.. (ohmg I don't think I'm up to another DM breakup, and the baby scare etc etc) But it was good, I can sense this season being awesome. :D
Cannot. Wait. For. Weeks. To. Come.

On another note, Megavideo is being a total bitch refusing to let me watch Heroes/House/Supernatural. Ughh, keeps telling me I've overshot my limit minutes. ):

you and I are done pretending ;

Hello hello! It's the weekend!! Well, technically it's Half-weekend already, since it's 1230am. One more day.. and no more sleep in late. ): But nevermind! I'm on like 3/4 noon shift next week, and then its one more week of holidayzzzzz :DD Before the dreadful term starts anyway... Sigh.

Anywayz, friday! Oh, work was fine and time passed ultra fast that day. I think cause I had like three hourly parameters to do, and plus the constant monitoring of one of my patient who turned rather critical. =/ She got trsf to ICU after couple of hours, so I don't know how's she doing.. =/ Quite worrying since she's like pretty old already, but she has a good command of english.. haha, and quite cute. Prayzz she'll pull through!
Case presentation was good also, CI said we were very detailed to the point she didn't have anything much to ask. Yay!! Haha, especially when the case was a complicated one. But rly, many thanks to Celestine & Huang PigPig since they did most of the copying from the notes. Lol. :D

Headed home after that, and went out to meet Claud in the evening. Accompanied her to the salon cause she wanted to cut her bangs, then yep, 502-ed all the way to PS. Lucky the route diversion for F1 didn't affect that area.. Haha. Long ride, so as usual, grabbed the time to camwhore.. Haha!

Reached PS, plan was to go to The Cathay's Aston for good and cheap western food. Nearly didn't make it there cause I was soooo hungry and wanted to settle for something else instead at PS, but the queues were damn long and we didn't want to wait and eat something that wasn't worth the wait.... hahah! So in the end, we walked over to Aston instead, queue thr was 2x as horrible but we perserved!!! And finally got a seat at like, 9pm. Lol. Wahlaozzz. Ordered our food, and thankfully, it was damn worth. Good and cheap, very nice!! I like. :D:D Heehee.

Waiting time was quite abit also, so... what else? Lol.

Waiting & hunger.. can turn one into this. And, I'm not the only one.. Lol.

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! Lol, I had the double chicken thing in which you could choose 2 different type of chicken so I had hickory BBQ and Black Pepper, with 2 side dishes(Mashed potato and fries!!! damn good, both.) Claud had pork chop, but she only ate like less than 1/3 I think, cause she said alot of fats. -.- Lol.

Holland V after that, Hogs Breath was almost closing, so we settled for WalaWala instead. Lol (:

Had the same White Russian while she had her sweetsweet Butterscotch.. Lol.

Talked talked, watched F1, camwhore, people watch, before feeling damn stoned and tired, and cabbed back. Lol. Nearly fell asleep in the cab, and slept pretty much soon after I got home. Lol.

And so, happy that I got to wake up at 1pm today!! :D Hahah. So nice the feeling.. heeheeeee.
Caught up on GG, ANTM and am left with House, GA(!!!OHMFG!!) and Heroes!!! Lol. Met love for a while for library trip, and then Pastamania @ Westmall for my.. lunch/dinner. Lol. :DDD

That's about all I think.. haha. Should I watch GA today or tmr.. it's 2episodes leh... Hmm..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Post 18;

Thank you all for the awesome wishes through messages, friendster, face-to-face, emails yesterday! hahaha. XIE XIE! :D
So yes, I finally hit 18, the legal age to do quite a number of stuff, and of course as I was telling my staff nurse, I can happily wave my pink I/C at bars/pubs and Movies. HEEHEE. :D Of course, I'm truly happy about the first one... Nope, not a clubber, but I prefer drinks and chillingzzz out more. :D:D YAY. hahaha, no more sneaky sneaky!

Even though yesterday wasn't the best day cause quite alot of issues cropped up, and I think it was probably one of the worst birthdays I had, but yeah. I'm glad today was alot better.. managed to serve oral medication today to 2 patients!! YAY. hahaha, and met up with loverboy, and I'm glad for us. :DDD

I love the loots. I hope the first pair comes soon! heehee. But, I've made myself a promise that this month, I'm gonna spend less on shopping, and start saving up. It's a special month! :D I hope I'll achieve it lah.. hahaha.

Okay, back to drugs for now. Case presentation tmr, I hope it goes well.
And I've been missing out alot on tv shows. I have't caught up on Epi 4 of GG, and not started on Heroes S3 also!! ))):
Can't wait for weekend....

Meeting BFF tmr, so thr might be more pictures! heehee.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Do you catch a breath when I look at you?

Cousin Jessie's wedding was on friday, missed out the morning ceremony due to attachment, and then dad picked me up and headed down to Four Seasons. (:

Prepared and all, changed and stuff, and then they had the solemnization ceremony. Hung around awhile, watching drinks being mixed and camwhoring here and there with fellow cuzzies. Haha. Was starving like insane since my last meal was like... 10 or smth? Then, there was some mix-up in the tables arrangement before we sat down, with the kids as usual. Since we're always termed as the "little ones". Hah.

The girlsss; The youngest the tallest. Sigh. Lol.

Food was alright I guess. The wine was.. okay. =/ They had cocktails and martini which were woahhhh. Lol. So, had a couple bit too much, like always, and ended up tipsy as usual. Hahaha. A little faster this time, since me and amanda kept going glasses after glasses, with 1 glass in one mouthful. Ughhh. Hah.

Family photo (: Lol.

The two youngest; and the brothers (from the 2nd pic on)

The twins!

Bride, and the Groom. (:

Isaiah!!! Awesome cutiepie. Lol.

The grandchildren. (:

They had some disco-night thingy after the whole dinner, but only the family and some others stayed, so yeah, loud music, lots of drinks.. I think you can figure out how it was like. Lol. Headed home with dad driving, surprisingly he didn't drink. Lol. Managed to gather whatever sanity and energy I had left to wash out the terribly-hard hairdo and makeup, before knocking out.

Woke up with terrible headaches the next morning, and went back to sleep after taking lots of fluid. Haha! Felt hell lot better after that, so yep..


Went to collect my shoes(YAYYY!!) and then met up with love for dinner at Fish&Co. (: Calamari's damnnnnnnnnn good okay. Damn. Lol. Walked around PS for abit while the boy got his earphones. Then home, and got a terrible headache and felt feverish, so early night after I got home.

Feeling much better today, heng ar.. For a minute, I got abit of scare cause I kept wandering if the unwell-ness was due to that stupid careless mistake I made on thurs.. phew. Hopefully, I'm not going to fall sick, sick... =/

So today, nothing much, supposed to meet Claud but cancelled cause wasn't feeling good, didn't go church either for the same reason. Went out for lunch after I felt better.. Dad wanted to fix his phone but apparently there's nothing wrong with it. Lol. Had some rly good Bah Kut Teh near Central then went to do abit of shopping at Central. Yay, got my denim vest & white jacket @ cotton on, with discounts!!! Thnks to cousin who was working thr. Hiakhiak. :DDDD

I had haagan daaz, double yay! :D

Yep, so that, pretty much summarises my past three days. Hah.
Attachment-wise... still the same lah. Nothing much to mention, but I guess I'm getting used to everything. :D And I have adorable patients! :D:D Hahahah!

That's all. Going to read up on my medications and then ANTM & SUPERNATURAL!!!! Ohmg, s4 is out!!! :D:D


Monday, September 15, 2008

First day of Attachment + Results.

Today was... fine I guess. Just damn freaking tired, now. Lol. I think I can fall asleep anytime, but no, must not nap. Must only sleep at 11pm..

First day was fine. I managed to get my shifts changed to the same as Mel & Estella. Yayyyyy. More fun! Haha. The ward's really damn cool, and damn high class. But, it's more boring compared to the previous wards because 2patients in one cubicle, and most of the time they have the company of television, so yeah.. they don't really need you. I wasn't called for anything much today, and most of my cubicles patients were discharged, leaving me with one uncle and one auntie only. Lol. So yeah.. I didn't do much today, except to loiter around the whole ward which is freaking huge, btw, with Estella and checking out casenotes(READ: 2 CASES for the day.) Sigh. I hope there will be more things to be busy about in the next thirteen days so at least time doesn't seem to crawl. =/
Staff-wise, it's quite okay. Got alot of prettypretty nurses this time, really, damn chio. Hahahaha. The sister's damn scary though, like we got badly aim-ed at 30mins after orientation ended. 0.0 Ohwell....

Bus-ed with Sya, then met love at jurong point. :D Hah, felt good to see him after a tiring/long day at work. :DDDDDDD Hahah. Went to get his shoes, then scavaging for cheapo notebooks at popular before settling down at banquet. And he got me hooked on thousand splendid suns, which I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not...
Cause kite runner for me, was pretty heartbreaking already, it's a different type of heartbreak feeling from the usual Sparks & Picoult books, but I have to admit Khaled Hosseini does write awesome books.. So whatever it is, I'll finish the book lahh.. Haha.

On the academic part, well I'm quite contented with the results since most of them more or less were what I expected. (: And the GPA's still rather decent.. so yeah. Phew. At least 2.1 is gone without any regrets, and I hope 2.2 will be fun and good. Even though the timetable is rly horrid, like hellooooo I finish at SIX on 4/5 days. Crapppp. And I got the * as my tcher, seriously, how lucky can I get. Sighhhhhhh..

Ohwell, nothing much otherwise..
Morning shift tmr, so yep. Cross fingers and pray hard hard that time zooms zooms fast. Lol. And then training after that....... Gosh. I hope I won't die. Hahaha.

Pre-Attachment Syndrome.


I'm exactly EIGHT hours away from my shift. Damnit. I'm feeling very jumpy and tense and nervous about tmr!!!!! Howzzzzz!!! Ahhhhhh. Shit larrr...
I don't know why, even when I have people I enjoy working with in my team, or that I have heard pretty nice news about the ward, but STILL!! I'm damn scared. And NO, it does not help that tomorrow is 15th of Sept, which in terms of NP student dictionary for the semester = doomsday. Results are going to be out tmr and I will receive smszzz.. shit, pray pray pray they do not pull the day down. ):

Sigh. Okay, enough of depressing news. Lol. I spent the entire day attempting to make it a useful day and trying hard not to be bothered its freaking sunday alr. But, nothing seems to interest me, not even tv shows. Rawr... Spent the early day instead wandering around the empty house and going to the shops opposite twice - thnks to tailor auntie who forgot about my clothes and told me to come back in the afternoon.. So yeah. =/

Headed out to Jurong Point in the evening to meet bestfriend for dinner. Wanted to go bugis but I think we both weren't in the mood for somewhere far, so settled at the heartland malls. Lol. Had curry chickenzzzz @ foodcourt because everywhere else was SO FREAKING CROWDED. Srsly. Got an initial shock to see so many people after I alighted, turned out that there's some Mediacorp show filming at the center of the mall.. 0.0

Walked around abit, then settled down at Coffeebean with cheesecake!!! and chitchats, plus the usual laughters and reminiscing. :D

And, to further drive home the point of how dreaded tmr is:

Sigh, G'night!