Sunday, January 25, 2009

Leaving in 12 hours'.

15th ;

Went out with love yesterday after reunion lunch with the paternal side. Ming Kee as usual, then the rest of the family went over to one of the cousin's house whlie bro & I didn't go.. so Uncle gave us a ride to Bugis Mrt and I waited for love.

National Library to return the overdue books, then got new ones. Honestly speaking, I don't really like the National one, it's too big and they categorized the books too neatly. Lol. I can barely find the ones that I want... though they really do have quite a number of choices. ): Bahzz. Haha.
Went to Dhoby Ghaut after that and ate at a nice place at Dhoby Xchange. Quite cheap for a set meal,with free flow icecream & drinks. :D Lol. But we only took the ice creams once since we were too full.. Lol. But nice lah. :D

Love wanted to replace his USB cable for HD so we went to Funan thereafter,and walked around to spot any nice cammies! hahah. Walked to Clarke Quay after that.

Am gonna miss him badly for the next 9 days.. )): Bah..

Today, went to People's Park Complex with dad & mum to get the new camera. :D Yay, it looks rather cute. But too bad didn't have the colour I wanted, I still think Black is better than Silver. ):
Got some stuff needed for the trip, and went to get Ba Kwa, and my favorite CNY snack! The hei bee hiam (?) that looked like little pohpiah. Haha, but too bad it's not exactly that spicy. Sian. Lol. Got a top for tmr's early visit to Grandma's place, then I think we're going straight to the airport already. Mum says need to check in by 11 odd.. =/ Flight's at 130..

Ohwell, I hope I enjoy myself, take it as giving myself as a long break. But I feel damn guilty leaving at this period of time when there's so many deadlines and projects due. Not to mention, I should really pack some notes along with me... >.< Still, SHOPPING!!! :D:D:D The only good thing out of the entire trip. Lol.

Lastly, Happy Chinese New Year! :D

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