Saturday, February 21, 2009

Retail Therapy;

I have the best boyf on earth. :D Hahah, to me lah. I don't care what you think. :D heehee.

I think I'm suffering from burnout already. 1 week plus of totally focusing on mugging has drained me alot. Today, I went to the library as usual to meet love, sat down took out my notes and nothing could exactly went in. From 12nn to 4pm, I barely made much progress staring at the PAS notes. I think I was only like 1/3 of my usual study mood. Which was damn infuriating, unnerving and definitely frustrating.
During our lunch..

Me: *picks at food gloomily* I want to go shopping. Love: *Looks at me, smiles* Okay, we'll go shopping later okay?

Haha, I thought he was kidding, until I replied him like 5 minutes later...

Me: Okay, I want go vivo later.
Love: *Smiles big big* Cannnnn, vivo it is then.
Me: *SMILES BIGGER and subsequently quit picking at my food and EAT.*

Haha, that ultimately made my day alot, because well, who would go shopping with me in the midst of exams which is like 2 days away?!?!?!
So yep, my motivation to at least tahan to the end of the day. But... my mind just wouldn't cooperate today, plus I was really feeling very spaced out and stoned. Called it a day and went to dreamlandzz at 4pm, woke up around 5 to love finishing his notes. And off to vivo! :D:D

We had dinner at KFC, and spent the time at the stores. Finally got my waisted shorts from Topshop! :D Spent the longest time there.. probably longest ever in Topshop for me. Hahah. Too bad the top I wanted wasn't in my size.. though I was really tempted to get it still.. Aye. Hah. Thank you love, for accompanying me and waiting uberuberuberuber long while I spent ages in the fitting room. haha. BIG BIG FOR YOU! :D

I think too much of studying, plus my dayima is HERE (thus the gloominess hahah) & on top of 2 weeks of not shopping much online....
I've just spent a bomb online. HAH. Crapppp... but ohwell, it'll be worth. It'll. It better be. Lol.

Oh, went to Ichiban Sushi yesterday for dinner with the parents. Impromptu decision actl.. and we spent like close to $100 there. HAHAH SHIT. But the meal's damn good, the quality AND quantity is simply awesome. :D

My phone cam's sucks. 5.0mp my foot. Bah, need a new phone. I feel like downgrading and get a simple basic phone... Eh?
Okay, to compensate for today, I will sacrifice my day off tmr and go back to the lib to mug again... Sigh. Studying is so eggciting.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Books, the new love.

Study study study study study.
My home has been the library for the past week.
I love the library, especially when I'm trying to cram my notes into my already very much saturated brain, with the extra bombastic noises from the people playing DOTA near me spewing all sorts of pretty words that you say when you play games.

I need retail therapy.
Should I get the MJ bag? Hah.
I'm going to date the evil bike with love after exams, and we'll comb ECP. Muahaha.
I NEED TO FREAKING FIND AN INSTRUCTOR or my PDL will expire without me realising.

Okay, I think I just got myself one. THANKS PRAMODDDDD! :D

psst: I kinda revamped the layout. You like it? ;)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

For a change,

Hit Refresh.
Goodbye Hair. ):

Hello you, my Valentine's.

Hello! Happy Valentine's day to all! <3! I hope all of you had a good time on this special day heehee, cause I did! :D

Well, met love at Jurong East around 1 plus, go library to return our books and i found Atonement, so i borrowed it of course.. hahaha. Though I don't think I'll get to read it during the next few days thanks to preparation for exams.. Gah.

Train-ed down to Cityhall, went to Marina Square where love got me my present.. heehee. Thank you dear!! :D:D:D Had lunch at Popeyes @ Flyer after that! Longlonglong queues though.. but the food was worth it. Weather was scorching hot though, especially when the sun was shining to our table.. swear, hottest meal ever. Hahah.

Decided to finish up the rest of our meal outside under the shade since there was wind outside....

Walked to bus-stop initially planning to take a one stop bus to Esplanade to get to the mrt, but coincidentally, found out there was direct bus to where we were heading.. so duh, of course we took the bus. Haha, concession kids plus, empty bus!! :D hah.

Within 15mins, we reached our destination for the place which was..... Singapore Philatelic Museum. :D I know.. a rather odd place to go for Vday, but well, I have a liking for museums and besides, love wanted to go to the SPH. (:

The museum's rather cool honestly. They have really cool stuff! Hahaha, totally worth the $5. Heehee. I'll just let the pictures show anyway. :D

We became stamps!! :D

@ Heritage section:

The fake Mama-shop, and uh, its owner. Hahah. :D

This picture specially for you, kenneth! haha!

After that, took bus to AMK Hub, coincidentally again realising there was another direct bus to there.. hahaha. Walked around there, and ended up at Coffeebean for a light dinner. Shared the Spicy Tuna Linguine (!!! favvvvv hahah) which as usual, left my stomach burning. Lol, but it's niceee. :DD

Dear sent me home thereafter.. with a rather short 157 ride from TPY. (:

I had fun today, LOVE LOVE! :D Definitely took off some stress with regards to the upcoming sems exams.. bahhh. Ohwell, gonna have to do my best, and live up to my own expectations. 2 weeks!! And it's byebye year 2.... =/ Ah boo.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Time's going too fast,

Bah, blogger's getting pretty cocked up. I can't load much of the pictures for the hongkong trip since it keeps error-ing. Or maybe, it's because there's too much pictures. Lol.

I'm truly glad it's the weekends actually. No school yesterday which gave me some good rest at home. Haven't had a proper one since the arrival back home. Need to catch up on studies as well, missed out most of the last lectures for modules and there's just a couple of weeks to go before exam commences. Sigh. But well, at least we're done with the last of presentations for the year. yay! haha, I'm getting sick of powerpoints and presentations and whatnots. Gahhhh..

Anyway, went chinese new year visiting to Ayeo's house! Met up with Seowli, Crystal, Eveline & Serhui at Queenstown and bus-ed over. Didn't realise it's been like, 5 years since our 1st visit. Haha, Axios is already 5 years old! And chatty as ever. Hahaha, adorable lahhh. heehee. Ate megalord because Mrs Yeo cooked plenty and our stomachs were honestly on the verge of exploding... Lol.

Cabbed down to Tiong Bahru Plaza to meet love after that.. Made him wait for an hour, sorry!!! =/ BK-ed then went to walk around and decided to catch a movie so we bought tickets for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. (: Since we had time to spare, check out the mall before time to go in.

The show was pretty good actually, kinda enjoyed it though I got more and more confused towards the end. Think I need to start watching Underworld 1 & 2 already. Lol. But it's nice!! :D:D Heehee. Ate pies and then we took train home, laughing at "certain people" on the way back. Tsk. Haha. :D Lovesssssssssss!

So tmr I'm meeting the bestfriend for lunch, and then back to study. NSL theory on Monday, how timely. Rawr!!!

Btw, hong kong post below this! Will do the Macau one another day! :D


Okay, this entry is taking quite a large amount of my time just to write it so I think i'm gonna split it into two parts. Too much pictures btw, sucking my energy just to compile them to save my trouble of uploading so many pictures.. haha.

So, day 1..

Went to visit Grandmum first and collect angbaos, then went over to the airport straight with the luggages. Checked in and all, boarded the plane and watched movies.. The Dutchess was good. Had originally wanted to catch it in the theaters but oh well. Hahah, I like Keira Knightly in such "royalty" shows, she can play it off well. :D haha.

Landed, and Eldest Aunt chartered a bus to take us to our hotel, which was at Jordan station. Quite convenient since our hotel was just on top of the station, and linked to a shopping mall as well. heehee. Rooms were pretty small, but comfortable still. Hah. Oh, weather in hong kong was really temperamental. Really cold during the night and early morning, but once the sun's out, pretty much okay. haha.

And basically, the routine for the 6 days in HongKong was wake up and meet the family at 9am, go eat breakfast at some cha can teng (tea cafe?) then start of the madness. Shopping, touring, EAT EAT EAT, all the way to 12mn. Hah, then go back hotel sleep, and then the next day begins. Lol. The amount that we walked at the end of the whole total 6 days.. amazes everyone okay. Lol. I'm equally amazed at everyone's ability to walk and shop. Haha. Besides, since it was a free & easy trip, we took public transport and walking to the extent I think I can figure my way on my own there already. Lol

So anyway, we reached HK at around evening already, so had dinner then went to Miao Jie/Nan Ren Jie and then walk all the way to Nu Ren Jie to shop and then back to hotel.. yep. (:

Dinner for the day

Nu Ren Jie

Youngest Aunt & Uncle

Please excuse the retarded expressions. Lol.

Day 2.
After breakfast, went to the famous temple there (Feng Che Miao?) with the help of subway, and then took pictures while madly absorbing the incense smoke there... hahaha. Then to shop. UhUh. I think we went to Kowloon Wan and Central to check out the megastores. Got H&M, blah blah the usual branded ones lah. Lol. Went to Stars Avenue (Xing Guang Da Dao) to supposedly check out the fireworks display Hong Kong was supposed to have on the 2nd day of CNY but unfortunately it was ultra packed with humans so we walked to Tsim Tsa Tsui in the end, and then back to hotel.

@ Breakfast

Save The Pets!


Feng Che Miao

Random shots. (:

ENLARGE THIS AND READ, it's quite entertaining and funny! haha.


Too much walking can make you go crazy. Lol. We had to detour many many rounds just to get over to the other side of the street due to the blocked roads and traffic for the fireworks display. Gosh. Tired + Cold + Hungry = Crazy. Haha.

Day 3.
Was supposed to go Lamma Island but because we heard that there wasn't much things there to be seen since its CNY period, thus plans were scrapped and changed to Sai Kung instead. There, they have plenty of FRESH SEAFOOD! :D Haha, took train then took a special bus to the place. It's near sea (duh) and kinda of a small port. Hah, have their own amenities as well, like a small town. So we had awesome seafood there, like really awesome seafood. Hahaha, the price was actually considered much cheaper compared to singapore if you took the difference between the quality & quantity we ordered. Lol. (:

Family photo!

Ponyo! :D

Sai Kung

Haha, He fell sideways into the water after that, SEE. Aye. Try to act pro.. hahaha. Thankfully, only sideways..

(: In a bid to capture the sunlight but ah well....

Cool dog. Lol, HK has lotsa dogs actually. I think out of 10 families, 6 of them own dogs. Lol. Very adorable and cute ones too!

Ultra fresh seafood on board!

Went to Stars Avenue again, this time lesser people so we could walk. They have "lights show" which the buildings' lights of the HongKong landscape will have some sort of show/performance for the audience that are on the avenue and also, the handprint thingy lah. Hah. Went to Tsim Tsa Tsui again thereafter and walked back to Hotel. Lol.

Day 4.
Da Yu Shan was the main highlight. Had to take train to the end stop of one of the lines, and take cablecar up to Da Yu Shan. The famous attraction of the place was the huge buddha statue that could be seen up up up high on the cablecars. The cablecars are damn cool, we went up the height of total of 3 mountains, with each mountain higher and higher. Lol. Speechless, really. Hahaha.

Dad, Mum, Brother and some of the relatives went up the 200 steps to the statue there to take pictures while I stayed below with my eldest Aunt and 2 cousins to check out the stores they had. Then we took cable car back to the lower ground, and went into this shopping mall which was basically a factory outlet for most brands like Nike, Adidas, Club 21, Armani etc etc. Lol. Oh, and Espirit. The Espirits at Hong Kong are really cheap though, especially the outlets. They have like damn nice tee shirts at just (lowest) 10SGD. Haha, I swear I'm going back for more in March. Heehee. :D

Met up with my cousins and their parents since they went on to Disneyland before that, then we had dinner and shop shop shop again before back to hotel!

Day 5.
Went to ShenZhen for shopping and then back to Tsim Tsa Tsui Ferry terminal to wait for my other 2 cousins that were joining us for 2 nights at HK and then together to Macau. :D:D:D Hahahaha. Some of them went back to hotel so only a couple of us went to pick them up. Were quite early so we decided to eat desert and wait for them. :D

Shen Zhen



Day 6.
Last day of Hongkong before we go over to Macau! :D Revisited the some of the shopping malls to get whatever we feel like and yep, mostly shopping the entire day. To some warehouse place for branded goods in the morning, then the outlets mall again where I got really alot of stuff. Hahaha! Nu Ren Jie and then we all retired pretty early to the hotel to pack stuff and get a good rest. (:

Ah okay, will stop here. That's all for the HongKong part, will continue the Macau one some other day. (: