Saturday, November 29, 2008

Subway or Famous Amos?

Sudden cravings for cookies.

Maybe I'll get tomorrow after training... heehee. :D To make me happier and make my dysmenorrhea less saddening.

So, CT has ended, and they were fortunately with God's blessing, relatively smooth. Hah. I hope for decent grades.. well, except for ELAHA which was half screwed. Lol. Training at UPCC tmr, and then showcase/internal competition on sunday.

Then, it's to two weeks of babies & kids. God, please bless me with smooth two weeks, especially let me be able to wake up superearly for the long rides, and that people will be pleasant to work with.
Not to mention, probably will miss love alot.. )):

Lighter note, I see him everyday for this week, yayzz. Hahah. Okay, I'm getting sleepy. Should sleep early today to wake up for trng tmr....

Lovesss to antelope! ♥

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You know the feeling when....

You try your best to make everything seems alot better,
You try and try, to make other people see what you are seeing, that things are not what they see and think ;
You find excuses and try to help the other party, making them to be in a better light because you feel that it is really that way.

You try and try, till you get so fucking tired because in the end, its just really pointless.
They will never see, and they will forever be questioning you. So really, I'm tired. Let it be. Yeah, if that's the way you want to see it, then yes, it is that way. I'm pretty much tired of beautifying your life, trying hard to make things look better but in the end, it doesn't even matter. You people just don't see it. Enough of the excuses, yeah, Life is indeed ugly.

Congratulations, you got yourself a deal.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bah.. CT's starting tmr, with ELAHA first. Stupid module though, necessary for us.

Sigh... sian. I feel weird. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..................

G' luck to all. Bahzz...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here & There.


Love ballads playing loudly in a vintage car, windows wound down. A young man sits inside, his hands wrung together as he peeks out nervously at the house. Couple of minutes later, young girl in pretty twirly dress and ribbon in her head, skips down the steps of her house and down the path leading to the car. Young boy adjusts his tie, opens car door, catches the girl in his arms just as she puts her arms around his neck. Gazing at her eyes deeply, he says, "I've been waiting."

Oddly romantic.. I like scenes like this. Not very well written but that scene was what came to my mind when I was walking home, past a vintage car playing a love song and windows down. (: Didn't get to really take a good look at the drive, but I doubt he'll be anywhere near the above.

Time check: 10.29pm, Wednesday.

Five more days to CT and so far, I think revision's quite on track for me. Sense of accomplishment. (: I hope I managed to get Paeds done by at least friday morning or something. Haha. Hours of mugging in library yesterday, monday, and today. And much much much thankyous and lovelovelove to the boy for accompanying. :D Keeps me sane around. Hahah.

Oh.. It's kinda scary as to how many people actually noticed my hair. haha, Its quite freaky because well, I don't think I'm much noticed around, (seriously.) So yeah, kinda scary when people actl come up to me and ask about it. Lol. But thank god, so far compliments and no ugly ones. Hahaha. :D

Red Camp's on for these few days, i'm hoping for free food to kope. Hahaha! And no, I've no idea why they put monkeys part of the balloon decoration. I, don't really see the link... =/

Hmm, that's about all for now I guess. Though I'm quite pressed for mugging time, but I think I'll still train tmr. Well, exercise is a good form of releasing those stress right? haha.
For now, I'm going to try loading the new episode of GG and last week's Grey. I hope Grey works. =/

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I want an Oven. ):

Moody week, rough week. Today's sunday & I hope the "bad week" luck ends tonight at 2359.
I must believe that tomorrow is a good and better day. Cliche as it sounds, but it's going to be my motivation line. Lol.

Nothing much for to update except presentations for this term are officially over and done with. I'm really amazed at my group efficiency in last-minute jobs, hahaha. Not that I mind, since I'm part of the TEAM but really, to be last min and yet still manage such decent work, I'm damn proud of you people !! Kudos to the team! Haha. NSL practical was on Tuesday, & I got Infant bathing with Vicky. Ohmg I almost freaked myself out to death. But thank god, I didn't leave my baby unattended and I carried it quite okay I suppose. =/ Passed lah but I hope its a decent grade still.

So, I met Claudine yesterday since she's done and over with the As. Hurrah to you. Lol. Earlier on was school, meetings after another meeting. zzz. The standard chartered one was damn lame though, we already knew most of the stuff whatzzz.. total waste of time. Met the girl at Clem after fencing meeting, bumped into Awul while waiting hahah, and headed to town with C. We did what we procrastinated long enough and thought about, and luckily the result wasn't that horrible. It's quite nice actually. Heehee. (:

We practically roamed around aimlessly after that, checking out stores after stores. Sat at the sofas at Cine and camwhored while Haagan Daaz promoters wandered around us.. Grabbed dinner at Cine and then we bus-ed home early. Damn tired, and we came to a conclusion that we are indeed growing old. Cannot tahan long hours already. Hahahahah.

Took more pictures but I'm lazy to upload since they're taking forever to load anyway..

Went out with the boy today. Town again, cause initially wanted to look around for my backpack, but in the end we didn't. Lunch at botakjones @ youth park with new friends made like the bees who love sprites and not fries & potato salads. Lol. Went to NLB after that and got new books, I like huge collection of books. Haha. Doubt I'll have the time to read though, with CT approaching in just a week's time. ):

I shitted like, twice today, and both are diarrhoea-like so I feel hungry now.... Should I eat cupnoodles? But I scared I'll shit again later.... HAHAH. Okay whtever, I think I'm going to eat it. :D

And regarding the title of the post.. Yeah, I want a damn oven. But Nadj just insisted that cooking hotdogs in an oven will explode the oven so yeah, he just shattered my dreams. ): But I rmbered cooking them in the oven before!!! And they were edible... grr. Don't care, I'll embark on a mission to search for the cheapest oven ever... Want, oven. Want, oven!! ))):

Before I sign off, Here's a rainbow! I'm happy because I haven't seen rainbow for very long, and I think maybe Nadj's rainbow attract-or. Twice with him, I saw rainbows. Maybe it's supposed to be a happy sign. (:

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Starting of Week 5. ):

Hellozzzz, I am currently very annoyed because I cannot do my NSL e-quiz 2. Urghhhhh, gonna email tcher about it and see what I can do. Sigh... ): So anyway, our NS3 presentation is finally over and done with, and surprisingly we did pretty well. Damn glad and relieved... hahaha. :D

Nothing much for the week I guess. Went to Fish&Co. with the love after school on friday @ IMM. Had the new york fish & chips, cause I couldn't resist cheese, and I swear that I'll get stingray next time... Lol. Had fried calamari also, and love had some salmon thingy, which smelt (and tasted) damn gooodd. :D:D Walked around after that in search of nice ice-cream and swenson's was full so yep...


Saturday, had training, and friendly with RGS. (: And I'm bruised now. My thigh has a huge bruise incurred during one of the friendly bout, and my the other thigh has bruises due to I don't know when either, and my thumb's nerve is injured thanks to Farhan. Lol. I get the tingling/numb sensation and its swollen at the lower thumb area... Gah. ))):

Thereafter, we went to lunch @ market with 2 of the RGS girls, hahah they're very cute and friendly!! :D:D Heehee. Went to town with the boyf after lunch to find Nurul's present. Wisma, Taka and 4-5 rounds of FEP and I still couldn't deicide what to get. Had Gelare's icecream&waffle in between at FEP while waiting for replies and calls, and ohmg, the waffle's damnnnnnn nice okay!!! Hahah. At least it made me happy. Haha. So without any rewards, we left the place and bus-ed home.

Lots of love & thank-yous to the boy for accompanying me the entire time, who was probably tired after the morning's event & training, and had to carry a sabre around the entire time when we were searching.. ;) Love you x manymany!! :D

Met up with Mellie & Sya this morning after ytd's failed attempt to get Nurul's present, and we headed to Lot One to find. Managed to get her a Everlast watch that has a ultra cool design, and then we bus-ed over to her place. Apparently, her family invited her extended family, and couple of us including Aifah and the Comm so yep. We met her cousins, ate duper nice food (chicken, sambal prawns, chicken rice, laksa, pohpiah etc etc) DAMN DAMN DAMN NICE. hahahahahah!! Gave her the present, and watched her opened it, and us trying to figure out what was the correct way to read the time... heehee. :D Her cousins very cute!! Haha, poor Dihao kept getting aim-ed by the kids, I think it's because of the pink shirt. =p Hahah.

Yep, then went home with Sya & Mel.

Oh btw, Christmas is a month ++ away.. :D I like watching xmas decorations! hahah, and taka has their big tree up, plus I think somemore decorations being done at town. I want a xmas tree too.... ):

Ah right, I should get back to research and individual assignments. Oh! Just had an hour talk with the BFF, hang on!! 5more days to go and you're freeeeeeeee! Hahah, best of lucks, girl!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Watch the video!! Hahaha, its a short clip that was showed during PAS2 lecture, but it kept rewinding in my mind and I think it's damn cute lah. Stupid Stewie. Hahahaha.

So anyway, mid week update! Alot of projects coming in, and more deadlines looming. Should make a note of what's coming up...

  • PAS2 individual assignment - Next friday
  • ELAHA - Next friday (?)
  • NS3 presentation - Tomorrow!
  • NS4 maternity team written assignment - This friday
  • NS4 pediatrics presentation - Next wednesday
  • NSL practical test - Next tuesday

Oh wow. Now that I've listed them down, it really looks.. alot. Hah. Shoots. ):

Anyway, the referee seminar on last Sunday was quite cock since there wasn't any test/exam so yeah... basically just go there and sit down hear hear. Hahah, and funny thing was that like only 1/4 of the people stayed behind for the sabre part. And out of that 1/4, NPF sabre team was like, 3/4 of it. Lol.

So anyway, after the seminar we went to IMM for dinner at Subway. :D We're healthy people! Haha, talked about the club, people, issues etc which felt quite... relieving in a sense. Haha.
Very long decision making of whether we should all head home, or go over to a bistro-pub near Farhan's workplace. Lol. In the end, Kenneth, QX, JB, Momo and me went with Farhan. Bouna Vista, North border and happy hour for entire day, so we got good drinks at a steal. :D Hah, and we ordered buffalo wings which was SUPERSUPERSUPER killer.
Okay, the buffalo wings has like 3 levels of spicyness and we decided to (smartly) go for the most spicy one, and when the food arrived, everyone took one bite and immediately died. Lol. Seriously, we were all teary-eyed and insanely stuffing ice into our mouths which I've come to realise it's a really bad idea because the ice is just temporary and what comes after that really stings. Lol. Thank god for this waiter who saved our lives with ice cool water but still, everyone left with huge lips. Hahahaha! But I think the place's really nice, the food looks really good too. :D

Oh, and I got a new phone on Sunday too. Courtesy of Dad, haha, damn surprise he really got it for me. :D:D But yeah, its the Samsung- F480 gold edition. :DDDDDD Happy happy!! Hahah, no idea I've used the SE one for almost a year, and I still love it like nuts lah. I hope this phone won't make me regret giving the SE up. =/ haha.

AND on the same day, Dad went to get the big tv from grandma's place, so now we have a new tv and its damn clear and I like! Though I haven't had the time to sit down proper and watch a programme on it.... Yes, damn no life I know. Hahaha.

And yay, Obama won!!! :D:D:D Haha, may the world become a better place. Hahah, but yeah, I think he'll be good. :D Today was rather funny, because they were showing the election stuff on tv at Megabites, so it was like everyone was watching and the funny thing was that everytime people walked past the tv, they stop and watch before moving on for a couple mins, WITH their food. Lol. Quite a funny sight actually. Lol.

Aye, shoots. It's almost 1030pm. You know, I came back at an amazing time of 6pm today, which is by far the earliest since I dont know when, and I happily went for nap and when I woke up, 2 and half hours already passed. Sigh..... shit lah.

Okay okay, i'll get back to projects. Now.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The damn good songs.

I know I'm quite slow in proclaming this but, JAY CHOU'S SONGS ARE STILL THAT AWESOME. Hahahah. It's been already a month since the new album was out, and I didn't listen to any until like, now so yea, I'm like thrown back into the era of secondary school when Claud and I always K-ed his songs and sang them like, most of the time be it in school or kbox or buses. Haha. I don't know, for me, Jay Chou's works have always held a more meaningful place in my heart, maybe it's because I have many memories linked to his songs, many people and friendships forged closer because of his songs as well. And of course, the sad ones also due to his songs (Hah, D, wth. ) So yep. People who know me well, also know that his albums are the only ones that I actually buying original and keeping them from the first till now.

But I haven't gotten the his recent one yet, and I was trying to get it today at IMM while out with the love but apparently the shop didn't sell, so I came back, and tried to download and hear first since there was an insane urge to want to try out the new album.. and halfway Dad came back and said, "Eh I bought the CD quite sometime ago already what. I play it everyday in my car.." Trust me, I went "zzzz". Should have called him first. Hahaha, but yay okay, he bought it so I can save my money and still have the original one. :D:D
And seriously, the songs are awesome. Can I proclaim once again, how much I really really really like the slow songs of his? Sigh... They always have this "awww" and cringing (for the good, not bad!!) effect... Sighhhhhh.. hahaha. Must loop them over and over again like the old times till the lyrics get stuck. So, tonight is Jay Night. Hahahah!

Well, that was some long talk about Jay chou, now back to my week! :D

Let's see, we're done with NSL family planning presentation which was yesterday. And I think we can win the most ultimate-last-minute people award if there was ever such award in the world. We originally wanted to present with just PPT but after pondering, it seemed like such a boring way only so we decided to use brochure and models also. Thing is, we decided only on thursday and I had training so reached home really really late.

Thank god that Friday classes starts late, like 1pm, met up with the group around 11 and we printed stuff at Canteen 2, and got only the materials at CO-OP and grab instant lunch. Started only on our brochure and models at 12pm and holy shit, WE MANAGED TO FINISH EVERYTHING BY 1245PM. Hahaha, I love the group, we're seriously goooood. Hahaha, insane cutting and pasting and shrieking around of "Shit where's the scissors", "Ohmg, What the hell is this.." and " Countdown time of __ mins to 1pm!!" but yes people, we made it. :D:D And we did pretty alright for the presentation I think. Phew phew phew. Hahaha!

After class yesterday, Aifah, Nurul & Me had impromptu decision to catch "The Coffin" at WM so we did and it was... average lah. The storyline's barely there and the scares are mediocre (though I kinda shrieked at one point BUT that was because I was concentrating on talking to Nurul so yeah, hahahahah) but okay lar, we paid 6$ for student price so not much of a damage done. But I wouldn't recommend it for weekend movies cause I'm sure it;'s not worth more than >$8. Hahaha. Burger King for dinner after that with mad insane laughter and jokes about almost everything and anything, funny dinner. Lol. 157-ed back and watched GA! Yayz.

OH OH! I want to catch REC!! Hahah, apparently its also known as QUARANTINE so yeah, zombies and more zombies and I'm very eager to catch it!!! VERY. Hahah, I think I'll drag the love to watch it next week... if there's time. ):

No training today, speaking of which, Thurs's training was the last for David. ): I wonder if there's anyone coming next week.. but ohkay, nvm. Lol. Slept in really late, and woke up with damn headaches again. Have been having quite alot of recurrent headaches this week, which doesn't spell good. Sigh, if my long lost friend aka the migraine comes back, I might have to go digging for the meds and I can't exactly remember where I last left them.. =/

Met up with the boyf around 3 plus and went to the library. Finallehzz returned my overdue books (aye, the love-hate relationship with the library I swear..) and got new ones, and I should really make a mental note to try finding where my library card is since my ezlink/IC is blocked from borrowing thanks to the lost ezlink card the other time. ): Bahz... Banquet@Imm for lunch, and then we walked around abit. Bought Old Chang Kee and love bought roti bunssss hahaha and we sat outside the fountain to eat. :D Yupzz, after that long bus rides home! :D:D <333333>

Oh, my pay isn't in for the month yet thanks to some glitch thing over at NUH, so yeah, emailed the person about it and apparently it'll only be in on 7th. Ahhh, must try to scrimp in the meantime.. Haha.

Sian.. There's the referee seminar thing for fencing tmr, so yeah.. I think I better go read up on it.. I hope it'll be not so boring with the guys around, lucky cass is going otherwise I'll be the only girl. And love's not there so.. bahh. I rather go buy my ipod..... Pray that Daddy gets it instead. Haha!