Monday, March 30, 2009

Books, and new environment ;

KK's posting has finally ended. Finally. No more 66! Well, I'm glad that I do not have to travel there anymore in the near future, and well, posted there sure has opened up my eyes a little, and during the last 2 weeks there, surprisingly I've made further decisions on my future and more definite goals in my career path. And I will work hard to achieve to my destination, that I promise myself..
Long ago when I first chose this path, my final ultimate place was Africa, to help the people there to understand AIDS. True, now that I think back, it was quite a naive and innocent thought. Now if someone were to ask me the same question, I don't think I can safely answer back that that place is still my ultimatum place. Afterall, I can't even finish my duty in Sg, much less of Africa where medical advances are so much backward in society.....

Thus for now, I have more definite & (mature) goals to get too. 10 years. I really hope I can achieve those in this time span. ((:

Today was the first day posting in IMH. The journey is horrendous, and honestly, I never did realised I could feel so lost in a remote place in Singapore. Hahaha. But we spent like 3/4 of the time touring the hospital and then the last 2 hours we just kinda got to know about our patients... Sure, intimidating to an extent but I suppose I'm in safe hands. CI's a nice guy and his big size adds on to the reassurance. Lol.

Actl checked out routes to IMH with love on Saturday, because I was afraid I didn't know how to get there.. So we did. Tmr's noon shift so I have to take the bus, not sure if love's sending me though.. Hopefully! Lol.

(credits: x)

Other than that, nothing much except.... I've finally caught on to the Twilight bandwagon. Apparently N's sister has all 4 books, so... why not right? And since I think the Twilight trend has faded a bit, so I'm more comfortable picking it up. I don't know, I think it's just me but I don't exactly like reading the same books when everyone else is reading. It gives the impression like, "Oh, another Twilight fan....zzz" But well, I can see why Stephanie Meyer has so many people falling under the spell... Have to admit her writing pulls you deep into the lives of Bella & Edward. (: Lol, though I got to watch myself. I finished New Moon in a day? And with this speed I'm going, I think I might miss out couple of details in the book in my pursuit to get to the Epilogue. Haha, gotta savor good books eh? Since I don't get much chances nowadays.. I miss my Robin Cook days.. James Patterson days. Lol. And not to mention, the frenzied period when I was ga-ga over Fearless(!!!) HAHA. My fortune that love's an avid reader as well.. so my fortnightly trips to library means much more. Heehee.

Oh note to self, must try to get Picoult's new book. (:

On one of our trip to the library.. (:
I love rainbows, and I love it more when N's record remains 100% as my rainbow-attractor. HAHA. Always and only with you, dear. You see? :DD

For now, my life is like this. 2 more weeks, and I'll be getting my rest before year3. Gahhhhh... oh, the results for the latest sem was good (: heehee, better than I expected.

Need to save money too! Must curb shopping temptations!! =/

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just You.

Love, is..

When he looks at you and smile, your heart flutters.
When he holds your hand, your heart skips a beat.
When his lips meets yours, you feel your knees going weak.
When he holds you in his arms, you wish he would never let go.

Happy 17th Month, dear.
Every month on this day, I thank God once again for you coming into my life. 17 months, not long yet not short as well. Nothing's changed, except my love for you has been increasing and nothing matters more to me other than you.
You're an amazing boy, and I'm glad you're mine. Thank you dear, for everything.

So, believe me when I say that you're irreplaceable. Cause you truly are.
I love you. (:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Attachment has started, and 2 days of work has passed. Technically, things are okay, sometimes I feel like a floater because we aren't really noticed around, but the babies are really cute and there's nothing much to be done.. Labour is rly a painful process and I applaud and admire all mothers for it. Wonder how I'll be like when it's my turn..


I shld rly be sleeping because I have to reach the hospital by 645am tmr to bath babies but I'm waiting for love to finish eating with the team so he can go home and call me.. zzzzzzz..

The cough med isn't working so I took the initiative to change to dextromethorphan..

Okay, goodnight. I'm meeting love tmr <33!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

NP Study Trip (HK) :D

Back in Singapore! :D
Well, one thing I really do miss about Hong Kong is the weather there.... Sigh. If we had the weather they have right now, Singapore's perfecttttt. hahahah.

So well, Went to hongkong (again i know) for study trip, this time with the school so yep. Flight was at 2pm on Monday so checked in around 12.. Lucky my group mates are basically our own people (Estella, Mel, Sya, Pramod & Awul) with an addition of another 2 guys.. but most of the time it was just the 6 of us together. :DDD

1st day
After arriving in HK, we boarded the coach to some of the tourists spots since we couldn't visit any schools/hospitals in the evening. Went to The Peak which was rather high, and some of them went to the Wax museum. We just walked around the area since we didn't want to go to the museum and waste money.. till it was time to leave.

Went to bauhanias square of smth, but we didn't get off the bus for a ten minute photoshoot. Lol. Dinner at Tsim Sha Tsui, and then we went to the Avenue of Stars for a short while.

Headed and checked in at the hotel and packed our stuff! Damn awesome, shared the room with Sya, Mel and Lala and the good part was that we didn't have to squeeze. Got 4 beds provided!! :DD heehee.

2nd day
Next day, had breakfast buffet at the hotel which was okay okay lah. Then we went to Open University of Hong Kong to see see. They have a cool conference room with damn high tech looking stuff. Hahah.

Short trip actl, we ended about 12 nn plus. So free time already. The teachers & tour guides brought us to Ladies Market and the Street market that the local frequent so we did quite a lot of shopping!! Hahah happy kids. We didn't even bother going over to Ladies Market since the local street market was already damn awesome. I didn't get to go there the previous time, think my aunt didn't know. But point is, yeah it's damn awesome. Lol. We train-ed to Tsim Tsa Tsui after there ( we were given 7hours of shopping!) cause I wanted to bring them to the Espirit Outlet. So yep, we did and had to make calls back to my aunt to confirm the location. Lol. Shopped and then went back to the meeting place. (: Went back to hotel to rest, and that night, I lost my voice for the next 2 days. Ughhh, damn horrible. Never had such a bad sorethroat. Mass spam Strepsils like nuts.. haha. Slept over at the Awul&Pramod's room with Mel to watch the Liverpool vs Real Madrid champs league game. And we won 4-1!! Hahahaha.

3rd day
Needless to say, we were like walking zombies the next day lah. And the worst thing was we had to visit like 2 places on that day so yeah.. I fell asleep during some of the talks. Lol. Went to University of Hong Kong first which is the govt uni and we joined some of their lecture/tutorial groups. The students really damn studious, not like us... hahaha. And the mannequins are so cute!! Cuter than ours... Then went to visit Adventist Hospital, a private hospital. Yep, both places brought us on tours etc..

Caught in the action before I actually did smack Awul. LOL.

Adventist Hospital

Eating our HK tour guide.. Lol.

After that, free time around.. 5plus? We had dinner at the Indian Restaurant with superb Naan!! hhahahaha, I have cravings for Naan now.. ;) hehe. After dinner, we went back to the local market to finish up some of the shopping. :DDD And then we went back on our own to the hotel! Played card games, and the continuation games which was quite funny and then we had an early night I think..

4th day
Last visiting place was Queen Mary Hospital which the govt hospital.. took a tour, and briefing blahblah.. after that free time all the way till curfew which was 11pm. Lol. Oh, we were brought to Tung Chung which was where the mall with many brands' outlet stores were.. So yup, the rest bought quite a number of stuff since they're relatively worth it.. I got two A|X tees since I was there the other time, so nothing much to buy. Lol. We went back to hotel early, like around 7pm? Yeah, took away sushi and salads(damnnnn cheap!!!) back to hotel to feast!! Hahah, very nice! And the sushi is definitely like worth the price. Pack-ed up as well, and the guys came over so we played Taboo and Charade! Haha, voiceless still but I won both games!!! LOL. yayysss hahahahah. Times that I've spent playing Taboo with Nurul they all during school paid off well... heeheee.

5th day
Last day was just to check in to airport, so we didn't have to wake up that early. But we had the breakfast at the hotel still, then went to the airport already. Had popeyes!!! Hahaha. yay. Lol.

Three of us only because Lala still sleeping.. Lol.

4 beds!

Doing last min's packing and checking, while the happy girl sits waiting. Lol.

At Airport's Disneyland shop! :D:D

Took the flight back to Singapore, slept most of the time after I watched Changeling.

Reached Singapore, and love came to pick me up! :D Mwarkz. Hahaha. We cabbed back from bedok, more cheaper... Then accompanied love to eat KFC. Yep. Home sweet home!

Had a good trip in all, I'm glad the rest of the group came cos I really had fun! heehee! :D:D:D

Oh, by the time this entry is done, Liverpool have already won Man Utd 4-1 at Old Trafford. Can you feel my joy?! Hahaha DAMN SHIOKKKKKKKKKKK. ALL THE WAY!!!