Saturday, January 10, 2009

Novices 2009 is here.

Sometimes it scares me too when I realised how afraid I am to lose us.
But then again, it's what keeps me going, no matter how tough it can get.

Novices 09 is starting tmr. The much anticipated and the event of the year that everyone has been training for, is finally here. Abit too fast though, and I can't exactly say I'm prepared. =/
As usual, like last year, we've been training nearly everyday for the week, thus reaching home late for the week, like near 12 midnight. =/ Strenous, but we believe it's worth the effort. I got my new shoes finally on Wed, so yay i'm not going to be the only one left in the team who's still using old shoes. Hahaha.

Tiring week, especially when this week is the starting of school. The realization of many deadlines looming, plus the undone preparations for projects, and the much "Shit, what, next week???" sentences. And again, I believe in my project groups, that no matter how last minute we are, we're always gonna be able to churn out decent and good work. UhUh.
I need time management still, this few weeks are gonna be a horror. Every week has a deadline for projects, and I have to ensure near perfect (okay screw it, must attain PERFECT) attendance since I cannot afford to miss any lessons and marr my attendance thanks to the Chinese New Year trip that I'm having with my family.. Sigh. =/
On the bright side, It's just one freaking month of hell...

And another thing I believe, is in us. Near horror for the week since exhaustion, nervousness, anxiety and whole lot more cramped in, we tend to make alot more mistakes. But, I still believe. (:

Lastly, Good luck NPF. We're be able to do it this time round, again. Good luck Sabreurs, jiayou!!!!

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