Sunday, January 18, 2009

Run Baby Run,

So, it's all over. 1 whole year of preparing and anticipating, and our "IVP" is done. Goodbye Novices! Hahaha.
So the overall results for our club, :

  • Men's epee individual (Bronze)
  • Men's foil individual (Silver)
  • Women's foil individual (Gold)
  • Men's epee team event (Bronze)
  • Men's sabre team event (Silver)
  • Men's foil team event (Gold)
  • Women's foil team event (Bronze)

Yep. Hahah, pretty good I would say. So congrats to all! (:

2 weeks of daily training left everyone really really drained and exhausted, I think everyone's glad that the competition is finally over so we can now focus properly on our schoolwork. Which unfortunately, is lagging behind for all of us. Lol. Need to buck up extra for revision since I won't be around for 9 days during CNY...
No revision done for the past 2 weeks since on top of the daily training, everyday seemed to be busy for school as well. OpenHouse for the 1st week, and then 2nd week had JAE to help out as well. BUT, thankfully everything ended and this week is gonna be much free not just for me, but for the group mates as well. Lol. Phew..

Need to concentrate on deadlines, and projects.
Which reminds me.. our SUPERDUPERULTRA last minute NS3 presentation was damn awesome. Supposed to present on wednesday but we were all damn unprepared.. last 5minutes saw us realizing that we missed out one entire question.. and we barely knew how our presentation slides look like since Ros was the one editing and compiling.

However, God has his ways.. (: Ros's laptop cropped out before the presentation so we couldn't go through with it and had to present the next day.. heehee. Which of course gave us precious time and guess what, we pulled it off amazingly. (: Teacher even said we did really good and kinda brought it across we were like some role models.. hehee. Nope, not boasting. But just really glad we can get this kinda results even though our projects are damn last minutes. hahaha. Of course, I'm damn glad I have team mates like this, especially when Nurul & I were so caught up for the last 2 weeks till we could both die and barely found time, but these team-mates are just awesome. LOVESSSSSSSSSS!

Oh, Friday was Ros's 19th birthday so attempted a "surprise" celebration for her but unfortunately didn't work out thanks to Fang yann the silly boy. Lol. Glad she liked the present and card we gave (thanks aifah and sha for taking time out to make/buy them!) hahah. Yepzzz.

Pract test next tues, so I guess I better go finish up my materials, and start researching for stuff. Lol.

Sidenote, I think I really need a break from everything. Can't wait for the trip though I'm going to miss love alot...

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melissa said...

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she hor, like to crap alot.
Also like to notice alot of things, hor.
Like how that awesome person always say, hor.
It's okay hor, just let the face pop up hor.
Nevermind hor.