Monday, June 22, 2009

Time. Will heal, yes no?

Went to check out the new orchard central ytd with mum&dad. nothing much since like 90% of the shops weren't open yet. But the mall's really big, like lots of lifts and they go up to 11th storey i think. 0.0 Very nice decoration, each different in the levels. :DD

We ate at Iluma before that, finally a proper family dinner with brother included. Lol. At asian kitchen but we got stomachaches after that. =/ Lol.

So that's the day for Fathers' Day! <3!>

I took the plunge!!! Decided to do it in the end.. Figured I need some change.

I hope it grows longer.. so the curls will look nicer.. Lol. Ah well. :D

Fencing chalet from wed-fri, and tmr we're going to hougangggggggggggggg ~~ woahhh.


melissa said...

Wow that IS curly. I shall have to see it for myself! Oo hougang! Get me some rice :D Just kidding.


sheepy said...

hahahaha! nice curls! aha u nv say i also didnt notice. oh ya..get me some rice too :P LOL piggy! u wont be bored soon ;)

WENBING! said...

haha u never tell me where the shop is that sells ur fav hougang rice. Lol. yeah, curly curly ~

school's opening!