Friday, June 26, 2009


Ah, home sweet home.

Was away for the past 2 nights due to NPF chalet. Lol, unlike last year's, I think this one was more successful and fun. :D:D:D Partly bec we have more sabreurs coming compared to last year. Lol.
Chalet was at pasir ris costa sands, and we had two double storey units which was.. actually able to accomodate everyone. Our units were damn isolated though, just two rooms all the way at the back. Lol. Privacy.

So anyway... to summarize the nights:

card games, mahjong, sing-a-long sessions with F guitaring away, superdogs for dinner, club movie outing to transformers 2 @1230 am even though each weapon group was seated at different rows, megan fox is ultra hot and i love bumblebee, ntuc shopping, alcoholic drinks, F, L and me getting badly drunk and puking alot, waking up with a bad stomach and puked more before getting my hands on some solid superdog food again at ehub, talked about the funny things that we said and did when F and L was drunk, BBQ-ed the 2nd night away, twister on grass and body's aching, playing murderer after david and xiu came, started playing with riddles like "how many meh meh jumped over the wall", best riddle of the night was "the fly game" LOL, heart to heart talk with Momo and JB, slept on floor and woke up this morning to check out and breakfast at KFC @ white sands.


I love my fencing buddies. :DDD Hahaha, awesome people. awesome company. I hope we'll stay like this. :D Heehee. And of course, my love for taking care of me when my stomach turned pyschotic and kept throwing things out. Yuck, no more vodka. Anything but vodka.

Alot of unglam pictures taken, will post it up after F & L sends. :DDD

Napfa & beep test tmr..... I hope we don't perish under the swelting sun.

School's opening next week, h1n1 cases are increasing and for the first time, I really wished we have an extended holiday. =/ So many things not done.. Shit man. Lol.


sheepy said...

wow sounds fun ar! :D

Kyle said...

Nothing seems more fun than the sabre family. (: