Wednesday, June 10, 2009


CT's down to 1 paper more to go, on friday!! :DD So far, so good. God has been kind. ;) hahaha..

Sorry for long absence of posts, I think my life doesn't really have any interesting thng to mention. Or that I can't remember much anyway. Lol. We're into June already!! Half a year has already almost zoomed past us... I hate it when time flies. Too fast. Too much things not done, not much sense of satisfaction. ): Bahh.

Well, I shall update whatever that comes into the mind then....

I watched Night @ the Museum 2 some time really back with love.. and we tried out Udders @ WM. :D Not bad, and the alcoholic content's pretty high compared to other ice creams. Can taste out the bitter taste.. hahaha..

And last week, I went on a date myself! Got too bored of studying so I went out for a little walk, ended up with Monsters VS Aliens (ULTRA CUTE!!! GO WATCH IF U'RE LIKE.. BORED OR UPSET!! IT'S SUPER CUTE! :DDDD) heehee, and got a new pair of shoes as well. Yayzz, and I think sometimes online stuff are really just overrated. =/ Wonder how much those people earn anyway.... but oh well, I still kinda prefer to do it online since it saves me the trouble and the squeezing around.

GSS now on too, got a couple of new clothings from TS, and a new pair of shades from F21. I want the ones at FEP! Haha, so cute although totally useless.... =/ Lol.

Fencing's... stagnant for now. I don't know what's wrong with me, it seems like the passion is slowly dripping off and the reasons I turn up in the end are just for the people. Sigh..

I can't wait for friday to come actually. Then it'll be 2 official weeks of holidays (the first since year 1 okay!! holidays without any attachment!!! :DDD) and I've got a couple of things listed out.. Let's see..

- Get my hair done somehow. (Curlzzzz? Dyeeee??? I dunno, Mum's up for the curls but I'm quite afraid how they'll turn out. And I really need to stop trimming the bangs and let them grow. Hah!)
- Decide to get the ipod or not..
- Go picnic!!! with the love, museums hopping, spam movies @ home together etcetc.. :D
- Finish up the GG, GA and Supernatural!!!!
- SIMS!!!!!!! ^^
- Need to learn to save, as usual. HAHAH.

That's for now I guess. Heehee..

Okay, sorry there's not much pictures since I'm rather lazy to take any.. no occasions either so that's all! Till nxt time! ;)


melissa said...

i want sims!! :(

sheepy said...

haha me three! and u didnt include DRIVING!!!! >=( haha.

ps. me and pigpig wants tagboard!

WENBING! said...

mel: haha mine's only sims 2, not 3! hahah.

sheepy: haha tagboard very mafan to put, lazy lah. not many ppl come here anyway. :D haha and yeah drivingggggg need to pass my TP!!!!

sheepy said...

but we come mah :( we will make ur tagboard lively! as though 20 ppl come per day :P