Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Review. A lookback..


Well, in less than 12 hours time, 2008 will gone and over, with 2009 replacing it.
I don't exactly know how I feel but.. there's always that twinge in me every new year eve I guess. To see the year fly by you and you wonder if you really did kept to your own words at the beginning of the year, keeping to the resolutions and being a better person etc etc.. hahaha.

For me, 2008's been.. quiet in its way I guess. No major major upturns whatsoever. Okay, sure. I had a change of class, got separated from Mel & Sya and the rest of p10 whom I spent my first year in NP with. Though sad, but we didn't really had a choice. Kept to the pact of having lunch together whenever we could so at least we're still in contact. Thankful for the company of Nurul, Aifah, Ros, and in the 2nd part of the year(semester), Sharida and Awul(heehee) joining us making more laughter and joy in schooltime. (: Sure, we do drift from some and admittedly though sadly, we're not as close to Mel&Sya as before, but at least, we still talk. And that's something I'm glad about. We lose some, but we gain some as the old saying goes...

Attachment-wise, I haven't made any major (fatal) mistakes and am TRULY AMAZING THANKFUL to God for watching me over and seriously, I hope I never do during my entire career.. Haha.
Academic-wise, well, managed to maintain my own standards in my opinion. The recent CT results were, satisfying and contented but there's always room for improvement and I know that with each tests/exams, the pressure I put on myself to perform will never cease so I must really do more consistent revision and do my best. Need to remember final ambitions. Hah.

Fencing-wise, Novices is next sat (surprise!) so all I can do now is to get my health up and running, and to train more, make lesser mistakes, be less nervous, be more calm and give my best shot. And well, though conflicts in the club will never go down, but I'm glad enough that my own team is at least more united that how it started out. So there. NPF all the way lah, okay. Lol. And well, one year of being in the comm already, I don't know what I've learnt but I guess co-operation and learning to do the right thing at the right moment is essential. Despite the many conflicts, we have to learn that what matters most in what we are doing are not our own pride but instead, the club and juniors. Therefore, I've already given up playing mind games and childish sulking and complaining, and instead, focusing on getting things done. Which reminds me, Open house is next week too and since I'm suddenly being thrown into being the incharge thanks to some irresponsible person, I really hope I can pull this off decently. =/

Friends-wise, other than the 2nd paragraph of this entry, other than that.. I think social circle outside NP is still the same. hahahahha. Contact and meetups with the BFF as often as we can squeeze time out though I would suppose 2009 will be abit easier since the other half is now working and not mugging for As anymore.. =p hahaha. And yes, of course we both have to compromise lah. But as always, it's a pleasure to meet Claudine up even if to just camwhore and reminiscence about the old times. :D And well, for 2009, I'll try my best to be a better friend to all, to be less attitude, to be more forgiving, and to be there for people if they need someone. (:

Relationship-wise. Hmm, firstly, am very glad that we made it through a year (and hopefully the next few years as well) and though there were many ups and downs in this year, I guess it's normal in a relationship. Probably mentioned this many times but you're the best boy I could ever have. Nobody can be this patient to me, to be this willing to do some many stuff for me. To come whenever I need you, despite being such a busy boy, to take care of me and stay by my side each time I fall sick, to listen to my whinings and yet being so patient explaining things to me, to listen to my complains, to dissolve my anger/irritation with your silly goondo smile =p. I'm thankful that I met you, love. (: Though 2009 will bring more challenges to our relationship (your NS, my PRCP etcetc) but well, I'm confident that we'll make it through another year. And next year this time, you'll be part of my review of 2009 with me talking about us in 2010. (: I love you.

So there you go, a year filled with happiness and tears. Hahaha. Not to mention I turned 18, legal for many things but ah well... hahahahah. I've spent insane amount this year just doing online shopping but hey, I rather do so than go out and squeeze with people. Hahah. I learnt and did stuff that I've never done so in my past years, and well, to some point I think I've grown up a little. (:

Alright, am going to spend the last day of 08 & the first day of 09 at ChenHsi's place with the sabre team, we're going to steamboat and bbq and hopefully burn CH's house down in the process.. hahahahaha.

Happy New Year and blessed 2009, everyone. (:

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