Saturday, February 21, 2009

Retail Therapy;

I have the best boyf on earth. :D Hahah, to me lah. I don't care what you think. :D heehee.

I think I'm suffering from burnout already. 1 week plus of totally focusing on mugging has drained me alot. Today, I went to the library as usual to meet love, sat down took out my notes and nothing could exactly went in. From 12nn to 4pm, I barely made much progress staring at the PAS notes. I think I was only like 1/3 of my usual study mood. Which was damn infuriating, unnerving and definitely frustrating.
During our lunch..

Me: *picks at food gloomily* I want to go shopping. Love: *Looks at me, smiles* Okay, we'll go shopping later okay?

Haha, I thought he was kidding, until I replied him like 5 minutes later...

Me: Okay, I want go vivo later.
Love: *Smiles big big* Cannnnn, vivo it is then.
Me: *SMILES BIGGER and subsequently quit picking at my food and EAT.*

Haha, that ultimately made my day alot, because well, who would go shopping with me in the midst of exams which is like 2 days away?!?!?!
So yep, my motivation to at least tahan to the end of the day. But... my mind just wouldn't cooperate today, plus I was really feeling very spaced out and stoned. Called it a day and went to dreamlandzz at 4pm, woke up around 5 to love finishing his notes. And off to vivo! :D:D

We had dinner at KFC, and spent the time at the stores. Finally got my waisted shorts from Topshop! :D Spent the longest time there.. probably longest ever in Topshop for me. Hahah. Too bad the top I wanted wasn't in my size.. though I was really tempted to get it still.. Aye. Hah. Thank you love, for accompanying me and waiting uberuberuberuber long while I spent ages in the fitting room. haha. BIG BIG FOR YOU! :D

I think too much of studying, plus my dayima is HERE (thus the gloominess hahah) & on top of 2 weeks of not shopping much online....
I've just spent a bomb online. HAH. Crapppp... but ohwell, it'll be worth. It'll. It better be. Lol.

Oh, went to Ichiban Sushi yesterday for dinner with the parents. Impromptu decision actl.. and we spent like close to $100 there. HAHAH SHIT. But the meal's damn good, the quality AND quantity is simply awesome. :D

My phone cam's sucks. 5.0mp my foot. Bah, need a new phone. I feel like downgrading and get a simple basic phone... Eh?
Okay, to compensate for today, I will sacrifice my day off tmr and go back to the lib to mug again... Sigh. Studying is so eggciting.


Call me Ah MIng said...

hey!!! nice photos. :DDD

WENBING said...

HAH WHERE U DISAPPEAR TO ALREADYYYYYYY. so long never see you already lor! haha, nah, phone's cam sucky alr. hahaha.

Call me Ah MIng said...

!!!! Actually I have been Idling for a while already, I don even know what I am doing also. The display look nice from the photo. :D

WENBING said...

idling?! nvr ask me out. you good. hahaha. no lor, the resolution on the phone is baddddd.. haha. i wanna change phone... if gm sees this sure scold me agn.. hahaha.

Call me Ah MIng said...

aiyah dunno where to go mah :P.. Change to a 'HIgh' resolution phone better.