Saturday, February 7, 2009

Time's going too fast,

Bah, blogger's getting pretty cocked up. I can't load much of the pictures for the hongkong trip since it keeps error-ing. Or maybe, it's because there's too much pictures. Lol.

I'm truly glad it's the weekends actually. No school yesterday which gave me some good rest at home. Haven't had a proper one since the arrival back home. Need to catch up on studies as well, missed out most of the last lectures for modules and there's just a couple of weeks to go before exam commences. Sigh. But well, at least we're done with the last of presentations for the year. yay! haha, I'm getting sick of powerpoints and presentations and whatnots. Gahhhh..

Anyway, went chinese new year visiting to Ayeo's house! Met up with Seowli, Crystal, Eveline & Serhui at Queenstown and bus-ed over. Didn't realise it's been like, 5 years since our 1st visit. Haha, Axios is already 5 years old! And chatty as ever. Hahaha, adorable lahhh. heehee. Ate megalord because Mrs Yeo cooked plenty and our stomachs were honestly on the verge of exploding... Lol.

Cabbed down to Tiong Bahru Plaza to meet love after that.. Made him wait for an hour, sorry!!! =/ BK-ed then went to walk around and decided to catch a movie so we bought tickets for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. (: Since we had time to spare, check out the mall before time to go in.

The show was pretty good actually, kinda enjoyed it though I got more and more confused towards the end. Think I need to start watching Underworld 1 & 2 already. Lol. But it's nice!! :D:D Heehee. Ate pies and then we took train home, laughing at "certain people" on the way back. Tsk. Haha. :D Lovesssssssssss!

So tmr I'm meeting the bestfriend for lunch, and then back to study. NSL theory on Monday, how timely. Rawr!!!

Btw, hong kong post below this! Will do the Macau one another day! :D

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