Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Books, the new love.

Study study study study study.
My home has been the library for the past week.
I love the library, especially when I'm trying to cram my notes into my already very much saturated brain, with the extra bombastic noises from the people playing DOTA near me spewing all sorts of pretty words that you say when you play games.

I need retail therapy.
Should I get the MJ bag? Hah.
I'm going to date the evil bike with love after exams, and we'll comb ECP. Muahaha.
I NEED TO FREAKING FIND AN INSTRUCTOR or my PDL will expire without me realising.

Okay, I think I just got myself one. THANKS PRAMODDDDD! :D

psst: I kinda revamped the layout. You like it? ;)

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