Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello you, my Valentine's.

Hello! Happy Valentine's day to all! <3! I hope all of you had a good time on this special day heehee, cause I did! :D

Well, met love at Jurong East around 1 plus, go library to return our books and i found Atonement, so i borrowed it of course.. hahaha. Though I don't think I'll get to read it during the next few days thanks to preparation for exams.. Gah.

Train-ed down to Cityhall, went to Marina Square where love got me my present.. heehee. Thank you dear!! :D:D:D Had lunch at Popeyes @ Flyer after that! Longlonglong queues though.. but the food was worth it. Weather was scorching hot though, especially when the sun was shining to our table.. swear, hottest meal ever. Hahah.

Decided to finish up the rest of our meal outside under the shade since there was wind outside....

Walked to bus-stop initially planning to take a one stop bus to Esplanade to get to the mrt, but coincidentally, found out there was direct bus to where we were heading.. so duh, of course we took the bus. Haha, concession kids plus, empty bus!! :D hah.

Within 15mins, we reached our destination for the place which was..... Singapore Philatelic Museum. :D I know.. a rather odd place to go for Vday, but well, I have a liking for museums and besides, love wanted to go to the SPH. (:

The museum's rather cool honestly. They have really cool stuff! Hahaha, totally worth the $5. Heehee. I'll just let the pictures show anyway. :D

We became stamps!! :D

@ Heritage section:

The fake Mama-shop, and uh, its owner. Hahah. :D

This picture specially for you, kenneth! haha!

After that, took bus to AMK Hub, coincidentally again realising there was another direct bus to there.. hahaha. Walked around there, and ended up at Coffeebean for a light dinner. Shared the Spicy Tuna Linguine (!!! favvvvv hahah) which as usual, left my stomach burning. Lol, but it's niceee. :DD

Dear sent me home thereafter.. with a rather short 157 ride from TPY. (:

I had fun today, LOVE LOVE! :D Definitely took off some stress with regards to the upcoming sems exams.. bahhh. Ohwell, gonna have to do my best, and live up to my own expectations. 2 weeks!! And it's byebye year 2.... =/ Ah boo.

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