Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hello! I had a nice weekend, did you? ((:

I'm rather broke after yesterday shopping with the mother. But it felt nice to be actually having retail therapy, and not online shopping. Though the queuing for fitting rooms was suffocating bec f21 was just so packed, I kinda enjoyed still. Lol. Maybe I should really cut down on the net. ;) Anyway, got a pair of heels, dress and new jeans so I'm happy! Very in love with the new heels though I wonder how many times wld I actl wear it. Hahaha. And need to alter the jeans!!

Today was just stay home, finishing up on some research. FYP and DDD's assignment are due in these 2 weeks, and we haven't really gotten anything much accomplished, so I guess we have reasons to panic. Ahhh.

Had Swensons with love on monday I think.. Sudden cravings? Lol, and the offer's quite worth actually. Hahaha. Pardon the bad lighting!

Oh, Wednesday was napfa, and I surprisingly passed bec I really thought I wouldn't get pass the 2.4 since I failed fencing's. Lol. But thank god(!!!) I did and so yay! :DD Haha, muscles cramps for the days after, and fencing training on thurs did not help and I nearly ended up having the entire body cramped like insane. ): Lol.

Driving tp in like.. 2 weeks odd from now. Can anyone feel the panic I have, and the much needed feeling to get the damn license. AHHH. Gotta work hard, and remember more where to turn the damn steering for the next few lessons. Must pass!!!!!!

Some pictures for the chalet to end off with, and have a good week ahead! (:

Epic moment of the sabre team's neoprint. :D

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sheepy said...

hahhahaha nice photos :P