Sunday, May 24, 2009

If you could see I'm the one who understands you;

Went out with love on friday. Home first after school since lessons ended at 10am, and then driving at 230 @ mini circuit which was mildly confusing but turned out okay, and then met love at JE. Train-ed down to Vivocity because I have been cooped up at home for far too long. Lol.

Had lunch first at KFC, and I finally tried the meltz thing. Quite nice, but yeah as what Nadj said, finishes up very fast. Lol. Walked around attempting to find a formal shirt for Monday's interview assessment.. and was getting rather desperate because the design I wanted couldn't be found..

Got new hairbands and a new necklace - sidetrack from the shirt. Lol. And I decided to get the one at F21 since it was cheapest.. Lol. Topshop was having sale, but didn't get anything cos I was too hesitant. Lol. And I can't seem to function properly when I see racks and racks of clothes, and clothes piled up on the floor due to everyone grabbing their own preferences. Lol. Crowds. =/

Wanted to watch Night @ museum 2 but all slots were selling fast, so we gave up. Catching it on wednesday instead I suppose.. Had Carls Jr at the rooftop, and took pictures as usual.

Nice day spent, something I kinda really needed. Lol.

Yesterday had training, and then we went for our weekly around-the-nation food travel. Lol. Last week was Bukit panjang plaza, this week we went to Hougang Mall to meet Leo and ate Ajisen while poor Farhan was craving badly for Qiji's laksa. Lol. Next week we go chinatown/bugis okay? So it'll be momo's area and farhan can still eat his qiji's laksa. Lol.

Oh, fyi, we are actl trying to go around to everyone's area to be fair. Lol. We're left with.. Yishun, woodlands, AMK, Chinatown, Sembawang(got anything to eat there meh?!) and Jurong! Lol. But I wanna go Jalan Kayu (?) cos I heard there's good food there. Lol. Oh well. That's the plans for Saturdays-after-trng-sessions. Hahah! Too much free time, honestly.........

Finally visited the LFC (SG) club at Chinatown area ytd too, paid for the liverpool game tickets. Next week collection. Yay!!!! Cannot cannot cannot wait for the day to come! :D:D Muahaha, and I've got KOP seats as well, yay!!!

Tmr's assessment for interview and resume.. Damn Sian. Means formal wear + Heels tmr to school. Ughhhhhhhhhh.... Gotta start mugging already anyway. 2weeks to CT.... )):


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WENBING! said...

haha thanks babe! :DD

Anonymous said...

i have KOP seats too!

WENBING! said...

ahha who are you anon!! hahah liverpool ftw!