Sunday, July 19, 2009

Arghhhh.. I can't seem to find the deathly hallows book anywhere!! Searched every place I can remember and i just can't find it. Damnnnnn, I don't know if I lent it to someone. Crapppp.. ):

Think I'll borrow from Mellie and re-read it.. Hahaha.

Anyway yesterday was an interesting day! :DD
Met the sabreurs back in school to eat lunch together since me and love skipped training.. After that we didn't want to head back home yet so we went watch movie at west mall. Supposed to catch HP6 with family later that night so we caught obsessed instead. Which was... very bitchy show. Lol. Suspense was there, and it was actually good lah. At least worth the money to see Beyonce kick Ali Larter's ass. Hah!

There was some food fair at West Mall so we tried some out, Ritz apple strudel, some pizza thingy and biscuits. hahaha. :D I like the strudel! Yumyum. Love sent me home after that and then waited for parents to get ready before going off... While we were in the car, mum asked me to ask love along so I called and thankfully he was still at interchange so off we went to pick him up!! :DDD Heeheee, first movie outing together! :DD Haha, then brother came, and we collected our tickets. Had dinner, and then watched HP6. Hmm.. the show was kinda dry since there was alot of theory shit. But ah well, I think it'll go down as the most boring HP show ever. Lol.

Sent love back, then went home.. and I want my deathly hallows book!!!! Damn. Angry kid I am. RAWR.

Oh, Went Vivo last friday and i love sales!! Hahaha, spent quite a bomb while shopping on my own.. And I realised I can indeed walk for very long. Scary. Lol. Parents came like at 9pm finally and we ate at Kim Gary. I'm happy with my loots! :DD

And shit lar, 2 more freaking days. TWO. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. *crosses fingers*

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