Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So here are the pictures from the matchday. (:

Dad sent me and Nadj to kallang since they were on their way to Cousin Jeannie's daughter's first month birthday. Met up with Momo at kallang Mrt with his sister and his friend. Walked all the way to the Nat Stadium under the damn hot weather!!! Rawrrrr.. And by the time we reached there which was around 230pm, already got a number of Reds fans queuing up at the entrances already. =/
Went to the leisure park there to have lunch first, ate KFC since nothing much there to eat. Then went cold storage to get drinks and chips but when we walked back to the stadium, we realised that the gates were open alr so we faster chiong-ed in. LOL. And we weren't allowed to bring in the bottles of water we bought.. 6 bottles leh!! Lucky got offer like 3 @$0.95. Sian. And the vendors selling drinks inside was total rip off. Packet drinks selling at 2 bucks and a small 100ml of plain water at $2 also. Damn rip off lah!

Managed to get quite good seats since we were early, but the weather was madness. Lol.


Kallang waves kept going on, and we got sick of doing it bec we wanted to concentrate on the match in second half. Lol. And the crowd kept shouting for Alonso and Torres, so it was good that Torres scored. :DDD Heehee. Alonso's fabbbbbbb ttm. Lol. :DD

Warming up!

Line up, First eleven(s).

Half time

2nd half subs!! :D / Torresssss ~

Alonso came in after 3rd goal I think.

(Rest of the pictures here: x )
So after the whole match, Nadj and I went over to leisure park there again and washed up, took a break at Coffeebean while waiting for my dad to pick us up. Lao Pa Sat for satay and stingray as supper before heading back home! :DD

Last saturday after training, we went to bugis to eat Qiji! Wanted to eat some laksa that Shaun recommended but apparently it wasn't on the way on our bus route. Lol. We went to Iluma after that to eat nice nice icecream!! And it was cheap! :D Very creative ice cream shop, there's like alot of choices and toppings u can choose. Hahaha. Walked around with Nadj after the rest left, and we walked all the way to raffles city. lol. Thanks love!! Heehee.

And last friday, the players were making appearances at different places so I caught Agger and Reina at JP. Cabbed down to Velocity for Torres and Carra but they left an hour early so yeah.. wasted trip. )): We took mrt back to Vivo and did some shopping, got another dress from Topshop cos I love Sales Hahahah and I got love a new wallet! :DD First wallet from me to him! Yay, I hope it lasts. The leather smell is.. overwhelming though. =/ Haha. ;)

Alright, shall end off here! Looking forward to friday!! :DD

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