Monday, July 13, 2009


Last wednesday saw us at the school library because we had a five hour break before FYP lecture. And yes, we watched Harry Potter. Sha was so excited about it that we sent her to go choose the episode that she wanted and she got GoF first, then decided to watch the last few scenes of Sorcerer's stone with Huishi so we can take over the comfy seats when she was done. We switched to OoP after stalking some guy who finished it before us and took it over from him. Lol. Picked up a book meanwhile and now I officially have a new author love - Dorothy Koomson. (((: Yay!

Took pictures the entire day as you can see.. and after showing Thomas our progress in FYP, we realised we're on the right track and actually, am close to completion. We're left with just the report and we're done! :D

Group pics + Menthol sweets!


1, 2, 3...

Jump & Land!

Prank on P to make him jump alone while the rest of us posed. Lol.

And how was your weekends?
Mine was insane though. Rushed through every single deadlines I had, basically 2 on Sunday night and I completed 3/4 of my part for FYP report. DDD assignment was totally driving everyone crazy and of course we exceeded the 10 pages that 'cher set. I think we got 13pages excluding our references, cover page and content page, total was 18 pages? I really hope we don't get penalized, we summarized as much as we could already. Anymore and we'll be cutting out our important points. Oh well. Submitted it today so it's over, just the presentation part left next week. Phew.

Other than needing to complete the damn assignments, the sabre team supported Immanuel's I&E event which was a treasure hunt at Bukit Timah's Hill. Wore our grey team shirt and we looked so... big. Hahahah, 10 of us in total, and well, the treasure hunt was fun actually. My first time to Bukit Timah Hill.. haha, but i see no monkeys! ): The treasure hunt was well organised I must say, theme was all about Eco-friendly. Lol. :D
Went al-azhar to eat after that, and then went home to sleep.

Supposed to be choose 3 of mother nature objects and pose..

Tree shading the 4 humans/the flower with the outward bushes

and the 'Monkey' poses!

We shall conquer the hill....

Sunday.... morning was at Ulu Pandan CC to help Farhan out for his Youth Extravaganza.
Singapore Sports School students came to fence for Epee and we provided the equipments, presided and wow, they came to fence after 4 lessons I heard? Lol, no wonder.. But oh well. The top 2 were girls surprisingly. Pretty girls that got Momo and Leo eyes on. Haha! And we got free yo-yos!!! Apparently they were trying to set a record for the most number of people playing yoyo at one time but I think insufficient people so didn't manage to set it in the end. Farhan and Nadj got damn fascinated with the yo-yos that they couldn't stop fiddling with it the entire day. -.- Lol.
Played truth or dare while waiting for our free burger. Lol, so gay the questions.....

Cabbed back to school to keep the stuff, and then to Clem for LJS. Went our own ways, went to library with Nadj to get new books and clear fines before heading home. :)

And my mum bought MJ's dvd compilation of popular MVs. Ohmg his MVs are damnultrasuperb long. Nice dance moves, but its damn longgggggg. "Thriller" on its own was like, 14mins?!?! His MVs all got stories one man. Not like the current MVs of 4mins. Lol. Damn amazing.

Oh wow, long entry. Lol. Weather's still crazy, hot and cold, cold and hot, rainy and sunny... Bah. Irritating, keep ending up in the wrong outfits for the weather. Ughhz.

My current dreading day is 20th-21st of July. I'm suddenly hoping that these 2 days will come SLOWLY... Sigh. Till then, I'm gonna be in a bad bundles of nerves. I'm damn nervous. I'm losing sleep over it. And despite many people telling me 'I can do it', deep down I know I'm having hell lot of trouble trying to believe that myself. Sigh, please just let me be able to succeed. ):


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