Sunday, September 21, 2008

Do you catch a breath when I look at you?

Cousin Jessie's wedding was on friday, missed out the morning ceremony due to attachment, and then dad picked me up and headed down to Four Seasons. (:

Prepared and all, changed and stuff, and then they had the solemnization ceremony. Hung around awhile, watching drinks being mixed and camwhoring here and there with fellow cuzzies. Haha. Was starving like insane since my last meal was like... 10 or smth? Then, there was some mix-up in the tables arrangement before we sat down, with the kids as usual. Since we're always termed as the "little ones". Hah.

The girlsss; The youngest the tallest. Sigh. Lol.

Food was alright I guess. The wine was.. okay. =/ They had cocktails and martini which were woahhhh. Lol. So, had a couple bit too much, like always, and ended up tipsy as usual. Hahaha. A little faster this time, since me and amanda kept going glasses after glasses, with 1 glass in one mouthful. Ughhh. Hah.

Family photo (: Lol.

The two youngest; and the brothers (from the 2nd pic on)

The twins!

Bride, and the Groom. (:

Isaiah!!! Awesome cutiepie. Lol.

The grandchildren. (:

They had some disco-night thingy after the whole dinner, but only the family and some others stayed, so yeah, loud music, lots of drinks.. I think you can figure out how it was like. Lol. Headed home with dad driving, surprisingly he didn't drink. Lol. Managed to gather whatever sanity and energy I had left to wash out the terribly-hard hairdo and makeup, before knocking out.

Woke up with terrible headaches the next morning, and went back to sleep after taking lots of fluid. Haha! Felt hell lot better after that, so yep..


Went to collect my shoes(YAYYY!!) and then met up with love for dinner at Fish&Co. (: Calamari's damnnnnnnnnn good okay. Damn. Lol. Walked around PS for abit while the boy got his earphones. Then home, and got a terrible headache and felt feverish, so early night after I got home.

Feeling much better today, heng ar.. For a minute, I got abit of scare cause I kept wandering if the unwell-ness was due to that stupid careless mistake I made on thurs.. phew. Hopefully, I'm not going to fall sick, sick... =/

So today, nothing much, supposed to meet Claud but cancelled cause wasn't feeling good, didn't go church either for the same reason. Went out for lunch after I felt better.. Dad wanted to fix his phone but apparently there's nothing wrong with it. Lol. Had some rly good Bah Kut Teh near Central then went to do abit of shopping at Central. Yay, got my denim vest & white jacket @ cotton on, with discounts!!! Thnks to cousin who was working thr. Hiakhiak. :DDDD

I had haagan daaz, double yay! :D

Yep, so that, pretty much summarises my past three days. Hah.
Attachment-wise... still the same lah. Nothing much to mention, but I guess I'm getting used to everything. :D And I have adorable patients! :D:D Hahahah!

That's all. Going to read up on my medications and then ANTM & SUPERNATURAL!!!! Ohmg, s4 is out!!! :D:D



**-Guang-sky-Ming-** said...

lol.. were u at ps on sat? i was there too.. ard 3pm..

WENBING! said...

haha nope, was thr at night only. haha.

Call me Ah MIng said...

was there @ 8++... hehe no luck

WENBING! said...

hah! we were all thr on the same day. haha, yeah 8 plus i think also. haha, too bad lar, no luck. lol.

Wenhui ♥ said...


WENBING! said...

hahah, no lah. I look quite weird with the hairstyle.. like small kid. ): hahaha.

and you found your way here! smart girl! hahaha!

Wenhui ♥ said...

Ehh yea I happened to see that tiny link down at tt entry this afternoon. HAHAH