Thursday, September 25, 2008

Post 18;

Thank you all for the awesome wishes through messages, friendster, face-to-face, emails yesterday! hahaha. XIE XIE! :D
So yes, I finally hit 18, the legal age to do quite a number of stuff, and of course as I was telling my staff nurse, I can happily wave my pink I/C at bars/pubs and Movies. HEEHEE. :D Of course, I'm truly happy about the first one... Nope, not a clubber, but I prefer drinks and chillingzzz out more. :D:D YAY. hahaha, no more sneaky sneaky!

Even though yesterday wasn't the best day cause quite alot of issues cropped up, and I think it was probably one of the worst birthdays I had, but yeah. I'm glad today was alot better.. managed to serve oral medication today to 2 patients!! YAY. hahaha, and met up with loverboy, and I'm glad for us. :DDD

I love the loots. I hope the first pair comes soon! heehee. But, I've made myself a promise that this month, I'm gonna spend less on shopping, and start saving up. It's a special month! :D I hope I'll achieve it lah.. hahaha.

Okay, back to drugs for now. Case presentation tmr, I hope it goes well.
And I've been missing out alot on tv shows. I have't caught up on Epi 4 of GG, and not started on Heroes S3 also!! ))):
Can't wait for weekend....

Meeting BFF tmr, so thr might be more pictures! heehee.

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