Sunday, September 28, 2008

you and I are done pretending ;

Hello hello! It's the weekend!! Well, technically it's Half-weekend already, since it's 1230am. One more day.. and no more sleep in late. ): But nevermind! I'm on like 3/4 noon shift next week, and then its one more week of holidayzzzzz :DD Before the dreadful term starts anyway... Sigh.

Anywayz, friday! Oh, work was fine and time passed ultra fast that day. I think cause I had like three hourly parameters to do, and plus the constant monitoring of one of my patient who turned rather critical. =/ She got trsf to ICU after couple of hours, so I don't know how's she doing.. =/ Quite worrying since she's like pretty old already, but she has a good command of english.. haha, and quite cute. Prayzz she'll pull through!
Case presentation was good also, CI said we were very detailed to the point she didn't have anything much to ask. Yay!! Haha, especially when the case was a complicated one. But rly, many thanks to Celestine & Huang PigPig since they did most of the copying from the notes. Lol. :D

Headed home after that, and went out to meet Claud in the evening. Accompanied her to the salon cause she wanted to cut her bangs, then yep, 502-ed all the way to PS. Lucky the route diversion for F1 didn't affect that area.. Haha. Long ride, so as usual, grabbed the time to camwhore.. Haha!

Reached PS, plan was to go to The Cathay's Aston for good and cheap western food. Nearly didn't make it there cause I was soooo hungry and wanted to settle for something else instead at PS, but the queues were damn long and we didn't want to wait and eat something that wasn't worth the wait.... hahah! So in the end, we walked over to Aston instead, queue thr was 2x as horrible but we perserved!!! And finally got a seat at like, 9pm. Lol. Wahlaozzz. Ordered our food, and thankfully, it was damn worth. Good and cheap, very nice!! I like. :D:D Heehee.

Waiting time was quite abit also, so... what else? Lol.

Waiting & hunger.. can turn one into this. And, I'm not the only one.. Lol.

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! Lol, I had the double chicken thing in which you could choose 2 different type of chicken so I had hickory BBQ and Black Pepper, with 2 side dishes(Mashed potato and fries!!! damn good, both.) Claud had pork chop, but she only ate like less than 1/3 I think, cause she said alot of fats. -.- Lol.

Holland V after that, Hogs Breath was almost closing, so we settled for WalaWala instead. Lol (:

Had the same White Russian while she had her sweetsweet Butterscotch.. Lol.

Talked talked, watched F1, camwhore, people watch, before feeling damn stoned and tired, and cabbed back. Lol. Nearly fell asleep in the cab, and slept pretty much soon after I got home. Lol.

And so, happy that I got to wake up at 1pm today!! :D Hahah. So nice the feeling.. heeheeeee.
Caught up on GG, ANTM and am left with House, GA(!!!OHMFG!!) and Heroes!!! Lol. Met love for a while for library trip, and then Pastamania @ Westmall for my.. lunch/dinner. Lol. :DDD

That's about all I think.. haha. Should I watch GA today or tmr.. it's 2episodes leh... Hmm..

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