Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fresh start, All over again.

"I love you too much to change who you are, and I love myself too much to settle for who you are."

Hello world.
So, I'm back on blogger I guess. I actl tried on wordpress but I decided familiar grounds are always better. Lol. Lj's ultra super laggy to the point I can't take it already. Hah. Rawrrr..

But well, I think I'll try to keep this blog a little bit more private, meaning I'll just let certain people know of the address.. (: For now I guess. heehee.
Maybe when times that I need to rant, I'll head back to the private entries there. Hahaha.

It's friday already(well technically, sat morning) but ah well. There's the end of the three-week break. I wish Monday wouldn't come, but to a certain extent, I want it to come and get it over and done with...
Well, to make each week go faster, at least there's ANTM, GG and PB to look forward too.. Hahaha!

I did nothing the entire day and really, I'm going to die of PUD or gastritis with my irregular meal timings. Sigh. ): And attachment's not going to help because it's even worse with everything going at the same time..... Uhoh.

I love heart-to-heart talks, with the boy. :D LUBSSSS.

Alright, it's nearly 2am, and there's training tmr. Ohwellzzzzz.

G'night world. :D


**-Guang-sky-Ming-** said...

haha.. finally no more lagging.. lol.. and wats does monochromesparks suppose to mean? autobiography? lol.. sooo chim..

WENBING! said...

haha autobiography u dont know what meh!!!! hahaha. and uh, monochromesparks doesnt really mean anything lah, just like the way it sounds and how it contradicts itself. heehee. AND YAY NO MORE SCOLDINGS AND CURSING OF ME BEC MY BLOG IS SLOW. hahahaha.

ps.. ur user name veh gay leh. =p