Monday, September 15, 2008

Pre-Attachment Syndrome.


I'm exactly EIGHT hours away from my shift. Damnit. I'm feeling very jumpy and tense and nervous about tmr!!!!! Howzzzzz!!! Ahhhhhh. Shit larrr...
I don't know why, even when I have people I enjoy working with in my team, or that I have heard pretty nice news about the ward, but STILL!! I'm damn scared. And NO, it does not help that tomorrow is 15th of Sept, which in terms of NP student dictionary for the semester = doomsday. Results are going to be out tmr and I will receive smszzz.. shit, pray pray pray they do not pull the day down. ):

Sigh. Okay, enough of depressing news. Lol. I spent the entire day attempting to make it a useful day and trying hard not to be bothered its freaking sunday alr. But, nothing seems to interest me, not even tv shows. Rawr... Spent the early day instead wandering around the empty house and going to the shops opposite twice - thnks to tailor auntie who forgot about my clothes and told me to come back in the afternoon.. So yeah. =/

Headed out to Jurong Point in the evening to meet bestfriend for dinner. Wanted to go bugis but I think we both weren't in the mood for somewhere far, so settled at the heartland malls. Lol. Had curry chickenzzzz @ foodcourt because everywhere else was SO FREAKING CROWDED. Srsly. Got an initial shock to see so many people after I alighted, turned out that there's some Mediacorp show filming at the center of the mall.. 0.0

Walked around abit, then settled down at Coffeebean with cheesecake!!! and chitchats, plus the usual laughters and reminiscing. :D

And, to further drive home the point of how dreaded tmr is:

Sigh, G'night!


**-Guang-sky-Ming-** said...

haha.. orh-kay... yea.. watever to my nick.. anw.. i put it tt way like 3 or maybe 4 year ago? tt time still quite childish ma.. now diff.. haha..

closetdrops said...
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WENBING! said...

Okay lar, u now also the same. LOL.