Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mixed emotions ain't the right time for titles,

Exams finally ended last week, with school officially out. :D:D:D Hooray. I have 2 weeks off before I face kids and the mentally unsound, and then another week off. And back to school. Aye, the mere thought already tells me how fast time is gonna pass.. and honestly, I hate to have school start. There's gonna be 6 months of academic and then second semester is gonna kick off with GOODBYE SCHOOL, HELLO (HELL) PRCP. Rawr... and love's not gonna be around too. Screwzzzzzzzzz. =/

But nevermind that, I'm gonna concentrate on these minimal but still existing holiday for now.. hahah. Gonna get plenty of rest also. I think I'll need it.

Anyway, met up with Claud yesterday. We were both fashionably late, as usual duhz. hahaha. Decided to go to Tiong for late lunch and ate @ this Japanese Ramen restaurant on level 2. Which was actually not bad, the food was worth the affordable price but the spicyness level was oh-age-emm-gee. They let you choose the level of spicyness you want, up to 5 chillis. So we both chose 2 chillies and they were already insanely hot. Even C couldn't take it and if you know her standard of eating spicyness level, you should know how hot that thing is. Hahahah. But the noodles are good, honestly. Lol.

Was in the mood for a horror flick, but there wasn't any much choice at GV Tiong so we checked out the times for town area. Did managed to find one at Lido and since we had time to spare, went to Bugis instead!

Started pouring.... weather's crazy recently. Everyone's been harping on it, and it's no doubt getting on people's nerves. Ughh. I think I'm gonna stick to covered shoes for the next couple of days.... I rather shoes wet than feet wet and icky. Ughhhhzzz.
Train-ed to bugis, walked around bugis junction etc.. waiting for the rain to at least stop. Still drizzling abit but we decided to walk to haji lane. And thanks to my self proclaimed confidence and bad sense of directions... HAH, we got lost.... not once, not twice, but four times. HAHAH. I think we just practically explored the entire area of bugis thank you very much. Lol. We had to ask people 3 times in the rain because we kept going in the wrong decision. HAHA. Funnyyzz, and by the time we reached Haji, it was already like 730pm. And the movie we wanted to watch was at 7.45pm. CRAPZ. hahaha.

Abandoned movie plan.. since we didn't know what the show was about anyway(My bloody valentine?!?!) and walked around Haji lor. Checked out some stalls, and we spent a bomb there in less than an hour. Hah, like kana possessed like that. Shop shop shop, nets nets nets, cash cash cash. It should be the slogan of Haji honestly. Lol. Left around 9 or so, since shops were closing and crowd was coming in for Sheesha. Don't get the concept of Sheesha actually, and don't see the great fuss about it. That is, if you're very keen on getting saying goodbye to your lungs. Hah.

Don't want to risk another chance of getting lost so we ended up cabbing to town and sitting at starbucks. :D Had a nice spot just readily available for us. Heehee. C wanted to go Gap, so we left our comfort seats and headed out.... and it started to pour AGAIN. Crap. I love underpasses. Lol, managed to get to Wisma fine, but the streets were a little flooded due to clogging. =/ So we roamed around in the almost closing Wisma..

She paid $7 worth of coins. Pro.

Mine, Hers.

Wallets Hamburgers. New on the menu. With pink delicious meat. :DD

I am the epitome of retardness, thank you.

Hi we're green-Os.

The standard pose you do for Class photos. LOL.

Then, we came out with a stupid rule to speak with HK accent/or sentences in Canto otherwise we'll smack each other. Thus, we conversed in horrible canto which was damn hilarious from Taka to cine, stopping by heerens. Hahahah. Crap, honestly. Ended up outside the movie theatres, still trying to act as if we speak fluent canto and watching new movie trailers. I have a couple of movie to watch in mind already, should like draft up a Must-Watch list sometime.. hmm.

Now we're blue-Os.

Wanted to take NR but found out that 502 was still in operation so we took that instead! :D
Home sweet home... haha, tiring too.

Today.. went to Grandmum's house because my second aunt came back from Australia for a visit. hahaha, i think we see her like nearly every 5-6 years only. But well, she didn't really change much.. and I think I found an ally if I were to ever go Australia for studies/work. Hahahha.
And, finally got my hair highlighted. Hoorayzzzzzzzzz!

Final note, I had my first practical last friday!! Damn fun!!! Hahah, my instructor's damn funny.. when we driving around old choa chu kang road, he kept pointing out plants and fruits and fishfarms for me. Hah. But very funn!!! Eggciting, can't wait for thurs' lesson. Heeezz :D


Old Newbie said...

haha.. it's beeen soooo long since i enter ur blog site. LOL, and u learning how to drive huh? don crash ar? LOL.. DON CURSE ME TO CRASH, cos i noe i wont. LOL

Old Newbie said...

it's me, guang ming. LOL

WENBING said...

hah u dont curse me lor, rawr..
haha yeah long time no see anyway!

Old Newbie said...

haha... rawr ur head.. no time no see? better don see u! haha.. no la jkjk

WENBING! said...

hah, yeah on second thoughts, better not. If not u kana suan by me agn. hah!