Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ughz, livejournal is being a bitchpie again. Rawr.... Especially when it comes to this time of the day. Sian.

Anyway, today's weather superb!! Awesome!! Sunny sunny bright bright sun. Haven't had that for couple of days already, have we? Heehee. Initial plans were to go cycling with the love at ECP, but because of the unstable weather we cancelled in the end. (Chicken... in the end weather so damn good today.. zzz)

Wanted to go Lau Pa Sat for Stingray too, but we went at lunch hour so it was damn crowded and the bright sunny weather was making love grumpy somehow... haha and it was hot lah. Headed to Raffles City by train in the end, in search of Swensons but unfortunately don't have..

Priority seats... Not qualifed enough, love. ;)

Walked around the mall though, checked out couple of stores for Mummy.. went to Topshop as well. Was (Am still) tempted to get the plaid top from topshop but it costs near $80 bucks!! Rawrr... Really tempted to buy.. withdrew money even to get it, but changed my mind in the end.. Maybe next time lah huh. But it's damn nice though.. I like... hahaha. )):

Stomachs grumbling already, and I was on the verge of singing my ChopchilliChop song(the signal for me that I'm hungry.... hahahah) so we went to Marina Square to hunt down Swensons. :D Hahaha. Managed to find it at Basement.. Had Baked rice while love got himself pasta. Cheesy pasta. Very cheesy pasta. Hahah. And we had ice cream too. :D:D Not bad lah, I think Swensons alot better than the past already. Can still imagine the meagre portion they serve. @_@ (HAH I JUST REMEMBERED THIS EMOTICON. DAMN NOOB HAHAH)

Squiiishhhhyyyyy ~


Compare the differences of space between the eyes and menu. =/ hahahahahah

Food glorious food. hehee. Side order = spicy(??) chicken strips :D

Love's, Mine's.

Audrey's breakfast at tiffany's; Nadjmi & Wenbing lunch at Swenson's. LOL.

After lunch must exercise.. so we went walking around Marina. Carried on with second part of the day's plan... which was to play bowling!! I think I have not step into a bowling alley for like.... 5/6 years already. Ultra long. Lucky today weekdays, so not much people actl. Played 3 games in total, and 3 games I won Nadj. hahahahah, eh I don't know why. Suddenly my long-kang balls very little today.. heehee. But love nearly won me at the last game lah.. haha. Wrist hurts though, but lucky not as much as the arm. Haha.

In action!

2nd game. Lol, sorry I just had to post this. HAHAHAH =p Nvm, next trip you win okay? hahaha.

Arcade-ed for abit, then we left Marina.. Went to Esplanade and saw pretty skies!! Slacked there.. thinking of where to eat. In the end we decided to head home since we were both kinda tired.. and yeah, I got sulky because I wanted stingray still.......... hahahahahhaha.

Doomsday is coming....... MUAHAHAHA. But damn, honestly it's really pretty. (:


Spot me. Spot me. Spot me. Spot me. Spot me. okay fine.

We r the lonely kidzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ~ Emoooooooo is my lifeeeeeee ~

Spot me. Spot me. Spot me. Ok, I'll shut up. Hahahaha.

And in the end, we ended up at my house opposite for dinner, which was a blessing in disguise because their seafood is so much cheaper than Lau Pa Sat/Newton Circus. Haha, and not bad leh! The sambal got kick, I was tearing and gulping down water every mouth. Hahahah.

And.. that pretty much summed up the day. :D I had fun, of course. And thank you dear, for tolerating my sulkiness and your attempts to cheer me up. Lol. I swear nobody else is this patient as you are, and not complaining at all. Lovezzzzzzzz!

Tmr got driving lessons!! Heehee, I hope it's gonna be as fun as the prev time. And then killerzz training after that. Oh wait, Sat's beach training then is the killer. Sigh.......... fence fence fence. I'm a fencer and I like footwork and footwork and footwork.

Side note, flying off next monday.. so gotta enjoy this week since after that, its straight to attachment. Sighzzz ): No life.


Anonymous said...

eh you look like charmaine sheh in one of the photos lol. anyway, you two very sweet la. *green with envy* haha he study lifescience also nevermind
<3 prong

WENBING said...

eh?! hahaha thankssss heehee someone's status changed alr too, also sweet sweet soon lah. hahahah ;) yeah lor, lifescience student, no pilot or aeroplane/yatch owner. hahaha!