Thursday, April 16, 2009

Curlywurly & picture post!

Edited (12.58Am, 17/4):

Sabre outing, planned to eat at Waterloo Centre cause got halal steamboat but they count by how many stuff you order so... not cheap. ): Left like an hour or so after eating.. one round only. Haha. Went to the new mall Iluma or smth to check the place out after we met up with Jingwei. Wahhh that mall's arcade the best. BEST. Lol. Megalord big and damn awesome. Their pick up machines that you play to get toys are like $3 buckz but the toys are damn bigg!!! hahahaa.

Walked back to Bugis Junction to grab snacks and we finally decided to head to Timbre after 1000years of procrastination. I swear this bunch of boys are worse off than girls when it comes to decisions...... Lol. Timbre, which was nice and we played murderer again!!! Hahah we're a bunch of addicted murderer&cops. Lol. I like being the civilian though. Lol.
Home with love, and I need sleep soon. Driving tmrz and town-ing with Estella & Mellie! :D

G'night! Pictures with Farhan the dumbo so I'll get from him and post up nxt time!

(pictures below!)

Went out with C yesterday after like nearly 2 months.. thanks to attachment. Lol.
Lunch at FEP's graffiti cafe for Pontian Wanton noodles! Then walked around the area. I like FEP when there's no crowds, like today. No student jostling around and crowding areas that make it so hard to wanna get into a shop. Rawrr..

Walked over to Wisma for f21, cotton on blahblah. Sales at cotton on so we got shorts, and I got my plimsolls at only 10bucks, and in the colour I originally wanted. I think it was the last one off the rack already. Happy! :D Went to Chinatown after that, to Ann Siang Hill to check stores out and what else.. take pictures. Lol.

Good to tell hellokitty secrets.. because she doesn't speak (no mouth!) :D

Dinner at some Jap restaurant that was offering cheap bento sets and the service was rather good actl. Heehee.

Went to trim the bangs and we saw cute puppiezzz and C & I are very extremely tempted to carry them and run off. )):

Sabre outing laterz!

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