Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy 20th, love.

Yesterday was love's birthday! Haha, finally we get to spend it together.. since last year he was away at India for OIAP..

Met him at JE, and made him hold this black bag with instructions not to look or try to feel it.. Haha but well, him being him.. =p
Train-ed to PS, and had Manhattan's for lunch. I'm gonna order seafood platter for one next time. Not able to finish the fish&chips all the time.. too much fish I think. Lol. Oh, but the prawns were good...

Teehee, Singa Lion!!
Walked around the mall for abit, then we went over to National Museum! :D:D My first time there! Haha, told ya we're museum lovers already. Heehee. So anyway, I wanted to take the gallery package but apparently they were closing early like at 6, and it was already like 5pm so the girl was telling us there won't be enough time.. Decided to go for the Christian Lacroix one instead and we found out students got free admission!! :D:D Heehee.

Pictures below, though it was a small exhibition. Not gonna post everything up though.. lazy.. hahaha.

Outside of the exhibition:

After museum, went out by the back entrance that led to Fort Canning, didn't know there was a linkway though. Lol.

Found a spot, and asked love to open the black mystery bag he had been holding on the while...

Heehee, Too much cake though, we couldn't finish in the end. But I got it at a steal!! Damnn worth. Hah!

Kept asking him to close his eyes so I could finally give him his surprise present (Thought the cake was the present alr.. lol ) but he kept insisting he want to eat cake.. And when I finally succeeded..

Best pictures of the day because your reaction when you opened it justified every reason that I wanted to buy it. Heehee.

My silly goon. :D

Oh the grass was rather wet.. stupid synthetic grass. Looks are deceiving. Haha. See, love's pants was like 1/2 wet already. =/
Stayed awhile more, then we cleared up and walked back to PS to catch movie. Decided on Knowing, which was not bad. The buildup to the climax and all was awesome actl, and there were a few scenes that actl made me jumped. But the ending was a total disappointment, expected something better for an ending lor. I wouldn't mind if everyone perished instead.. hahaha. Somehow, the show seems to hint at another Save the Ozone Layer issue.. Lol. Nice show afterall.

Love sent me home after that, and got home just in time to see Chn U announce the winner for Campus Superstar. I wld very much prefer if the girl won, I mean what's the point of choosing the guy when he is gonna break his voice soon? Also not the same already, right?! And the girl's voice was much nicer I thought.. Ohwell..

Anyhoo, I'm glad you enjoyed the day! :D:D Heehee. I ♥ you!

Went back to school today for the post study trip gathering. Sharing, and then teachers ordered buffet for us to eat! Haha, at least made my trip down worthwhile... Haha. Slacked around with Sya and Estella, and took 154 to Clem central to change bus. Oh!! When we got up the bus, we sat at the back yknow those long long seats, and like a minute later there was smoke coming from the seats next to us!! Hahah, damn eggciting okay, Smelly though but wahh like heaven like that, suddenly got smoke surrounding. Hah! The three of us chiong-ed to the front and complained to the bus driver.. haha. I wonder how the people at the back still can remain so calm and sit there.. Lol. In the end, bus driver stopped like 2 stops later (Still insisted on driving 2 more stops man......) and then declared bus broke down. Lol. Lucky we didn't choose the other side, otherwise wah.. become steamed meat liao. Lol.
Met love at library to get new books, then back to my place. Wanted to rent dvds but Videoezy not a good choice so I think we'll hit MJ nxt time. :D

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