Saturday, April 11, 2009

End of attachment; Fencing BBQ


So attachment is finally overzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Though it was the first time I actl felt quite reluctant to leave. You know, if not for the fact that its all the way to Hougang, I rly don't mind IMH. The patients are so lovely, the staff as well.

Haha, I spent like nearly 4 hours watching tv there, and having challenges with the patients on the football table thing that you play in arcade. Lol. (:

But I'm glad on the other hand its over because I really need to rest and have a break. Lol. Thank god for the Good friday holiday and another week of holidays before school starts..

Oh. Yesterday was the Fencing BBQ at ECP. We had two pits so the Sabre team occupied one instead. Met the guys with love at Parkway to shop for additional food at Giant then we walked back to ECP.
BBQ-ed... took pictures, played around, which was fun. Heehee, we should like have more of such outings, especially with the Sabreurs. Haha. Funnnn!!!
Only our team stayed overnight and ton, Epeeists and foilists went off.. The sabre guys headed to the bowling alley when David arrived around 1130pm, so Cass, Wendy and me stayed at the pit to cook finish the rest of the food and eat... Alot of hotdogs left. ALOT. ):

After cooking and eating, which was.. bout 130? We walked over to find them and just nice we reached when they finished their games.. Off to find a pavilion and ton-ed there. We played like Murderer from 3 ish to morning.... hahahah.. Awesome. Insane. Haha, but fun lah. Had breakfast at Mac then took 196 with Nadj home.
Knocked out all the way to like evening today...... heehee.

Oh, and yeah I finally got a new pair of specs! :D


Awesome moon that night :DD

Haha David and the gf. ;)


Rest of the pictures up on facebook! Just link here and here! :D

Met up with some of the 6L'02 peeps last last week. Had dinner at Central's Billy Bombers.. then we chilled at Clinic. Had a good time reminiscing the past and laughing at how goofy and dumb we used to be. I like, And damn, I really hope we have a chalet this year though.. Strange how I feel more at ease with them than with secondary people.. exception of the BFF of course. Then again I haven't seen the rest of the NH people for damn long.. haha. And note to self: Must meet up with C soon.. almost 2 months already. =S

Well, tmr is a special day so.. I think I better turn in soon. Heehee. I hope it'll be good though!

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