Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maximum shiok.

Best training I've had for a long long long long time....

Running, Stations & Lots of footwork. :D And I managed to do them all without dying since I haven't trained in nearly 2months, and actl even more than I was supposed to. Nice to be trng with Farhan & Kenneth when they're so ON for days like this. HEEHEE. Kidding lah okay, nice everytime with you all...... hahahahaha.

This is good. If the following sessions I can focus like this, I'll be really happy. Hahahaha.
But my legs are gonna die tmr, I pray that lessons won't be near venues with staircases. =/

School's been on for 2 days now. So far so good. Lecturers are all okay and good, exception of one which everyone is particularly and VERY EXTREMELY annoyed with. If you prefer to scream and be so excited while giving a class, then by all means, TAKE THE DAMN MIKE AWAY. Wahlao I swear my eardrums were gonna burst during lecture today. Damn irritated. Tuesdays are gonna be my curse day. Lol.
Other than that, NSL has been pretty fun, with the OT setting and all. :D:D Hahah, more interesting of course. The only thing that's slowly killing me is the timetable.. I have 4 days of 8am classes which is enough to kill me. Sigh. But oh well, at least I get off from school earlier instead of 6pm. Lol..
Plus, we get lectures with Mel & Sya on some days because of the modules! heehee :D

School's crowded though.. so not used. So many freshies. Hahaha, feels really weird to be a year3 because it seems like yesterday when we were like them, searching for venues and wondering around the big school.. Lol. How time flies.... ):

Oh, CCA Fiesta for the past 2 days. Couldn't make it down to the booth to help since mon and tues are packed but I sure hope that we have more members... and def more girls. Lol.

Love's been coming down to pick me up yay! hahah so at least there's still companyy. And friday I get off early from sch like at 10am so yay! More time togetherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :D:D:D

Okay, 8am tmr. Gotta go hug dale and head to lalaland nowwwwwwwwwww!

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