Sunday, April 19, 2009

My new sleepmate :D

Went to tampines 1 with love today! Alot of people.. comparable to when JP extended part opened the other time. Lol. But yeah, quite a number of stuff to see actually. We had lunch at pastamania at tampines mall since tampines 1 was crowded like crapz.. =S

Then walked around.. and guess what! Ecky Unlimited (Smth like that lah) was having opening store promotion so we snagged chipdale (I GOOGLED TO DIFFERENTIATE! HAHA) for only $20!!! JP's outlet was like $40 okay!! Hahah, damn happy!!! Yayyyy so love bought it for me! heheee, now I have something to hug to sleep! :D thank you dearest! ♥♥♥♥♥

Walked around somemore, and i really want the dress below. Hahahah after contemplating for so long. Okay, nxt week!!! Lol :D

Frolicks thereafter!

Fruit Loops + Strawberriezzzzz

HeLLo we R the new alienzzzzz:

Anyway, tmr's start of school again! Year 3.. wow. Seriously, time passes extremely fast in poly. Sigh. Scary, but yet I'm excited. And as usual, I doubt I'll be able to sleep proper tonight. Rawrr. hahaha. Good part's able to see the friends, but love's not in school anymore. Must wait till end of day for him to pick me up... I hope the modules and lecturers will be fine though!

Okay, gonna go finish up my book! Byezz!!


melissa said...

That's a freakin big chipmunk.

WENBING! said...

haha i know! but its so huggable and cute. got big head. haha. EH WHERE IS UR FYP PROJ AR? I DONT SEE UR GROUP LEH. AND WTH, MINE'S AT AMK POLYCLINIC. i rly wanna die.

melissa said...

I think ours is at NUH. Haha, according to hakim. We got what we wanted. Did you guys?

WENBING! said...

Lol. AMK POLYCLINIC. haha ours was 3rd choice I think. Ah wells. Lol.