Sunday, May 10, 2009


And a Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers out there! :D

Heehee. Today is our big captain's birthday! So we had a mini celebration yesterday since it was a public holiday. Met at clubhouse first around noon to do maintenance for our masks and blades, as well as to clean up the clubhouse..

Wanted to go to BBDC to book TP date but it was closed on PH so yeah, sian... Met Nadj instead to go school and meet the rest. So lemon & baking soda friends we made, and we sprayed our spoiled masks grey so they look better. Haha. Oh, and I learnt how to take better Macro shots, I like!

Heehee I like this two shots quite a lot. :D

Meanwhile, we made decisions on where to have lunch.. and decided on Popeyes! Yay! :D:D

75-ed all the way to Marina and I was damn damn damn hungry.. RAWRRRRRRR. Met with Wendy who finished her work, and then waited for her bf, our dearest Shaun. After everyone was there, we headed to Popeyes! Nice nice, oh! One of the jrs came alone, Nazrul! Hello! Hahahaha.. Cracked stupid jokes there, and talked about some people who go back on their words. Hah, oh well, at least we all have a clear conscience unlike some, and we're happy the way we are! Don't need to take the extra effort to pyscho people.. Bleagh.

Plans to go North Border was once again, abolished. I swear we'll never make it there as a team. HAHA. We should just go after school one day.. Next friday, anyone? Lol.
Walked back to marina sq after lunch/dinner and Farhan started acting really gay with my bag. Pictures with Leo I think! Will post when I get them.. Heehee.

Epitome of gayness. lol.

Couldn't decide whether to bowl or pool or arcade or watch movie... so yeah. Wasted time at the arcade and then we finally decided to watch movie since pool/bowl was rather expensive. Wanted Horsemen but due to the guys' indecisiveness, we had to settle for star trek. Surprisingly, on the contrary, the show was actually, good. Haha, I kinda like the battle scenes and humour, skip the talking part. Lol. And the lead actor's quite soothing to the eye. Heehee. Oh, Cass joined us for the movie too.

Wanted to do a mini celeb for the captain's birthday, so we walked to Esplanade! Some of us deliberately slowed him down while the rest went first to get the cake and stuff.. and then we went to the rooftop to celebrate. ((: It didn't turn out as much surprise because we made it too obvious lah. Hah! But I had fun, and we took group shots, played around as usual.. Ah, this team ah. I like alot. :D:D:D

Home after that with love since everyone was too tired to go drinking. Haha, nxt week lah! Or when we're all richer. Lol.

Hah lazy to update all the pics so go FB for the pictures, and oh, I uploaded the video for the pre-cake presenting ceremony. HAHAH. Sound damn retarded anyway..

So today, we con't revamping my & bro's room so yay! I like the current layout. Then we went out for dinner and search for new mattresses but most of the shops were closed already.. Lol.

Tmr is love's grad day. I srsly hope I wake up in time.. hahaha.
And damn, i rly need to save money. I just spent $$$ on 2 new f21 tops. ):

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