Friday, May 15, 2009

Love like this,

Damn, I have cravings for apples and sweet honeydews now. Why isn't there a call-fruits-for-deliver hotline... ): Bahh,,

I hate the weather being so temperamental. All week, I've been off the outfits because when I thought it was going to be bright and sunny, I wore shorts and caused myself unnecessary coldness, and when I thought its was going to rain, I wore long sleeves or jeans and caused myself to nearly had a heatstroke.

Rawr... Make up your mind already! Stupid weather... Speaking of that, my instructor talked about the weather today again. Everytime he complains about the immense hot weather, awhile later it'll start raining. Hahah. Funnyy.

Love came over to my place after driving lesson today, and it nice just watching tv, pillow fight and wrestling and we ordered pizza again cos got offer for delivery!! heehee. relax day.. i wish everyday was like this. (:

Okay, i wanna watch tv noww!! byeeeeee~


Love's grad day on monday (: Congrats!!!