Friday, May 1, 2009

Nobody, nobody but YOU!

Long long long update.
I know, this place has not been moving for quite some time. Everytime I want to update, blogger's not working, or the pictures don't load etcetc. Lol. Plus, I'm still trying really hard to get used to school. The wake up timings are killing me bit by bit and I'm still adjusting to 8am lessons. Rawr. To the extent I focus so much on the hours that I forget about next-day-quizzes. 2 quizzes that were not meant to be surprise quizzes have successfully managed to be surprises one, but I rly hope the marks ain't too bad since coursework is now 60% instead of the usual 50%....

Ah well, but enough of the ranting. Let me recall events back starting from the latest I guess.

Happy Labour Day firstly! Lol.
Long weekend, huh? Good isn't it, at least it is for me. :DD Heehee.
Had driving lesson this morning, thought my lesson was earlier so I actl cabbed down half an hour before my lesson, thinking I was late. ZZ. Waste of money. But lesson's good. Learnt vertical parking ( I know, shush, only the 5th okay.) haha, long way to goooo but well, at least I'm more confident of handling the cars. But I still hate steep bends. Lol.

Met love at JE after that, and we took 97 to marina to eat popeyes @ flyer! :DD Not much people surprisingly, despite it being a public holiday. I think it wasn't the lunch hour time thus the lack of crowd. Or maybe it's the swine flu. =/ Ohwells.
Walked back to Marina Sq to watch Xmen Origins: Wolverine, which I collected the tickets via AXS. Thank god I did, because the queue was scary. Lol. The show's good! I like, lots of action, hot bod hahahaha and well, though the romance part was sad but aye, it's an action movie afterall. ;)
Walked ard after that, then coffeebean for love's drink. But I wanted something refreshing so I didn't get anything.. Cravings for sushi, and headed to carrefour to get them. :D Heehee.


Took a long walk to Esplanade to eat our sushi, and we finally managed to get there through some shortcuts. Found a spot, and I wanted stingray as well so I went to queue up at the hawker street @ Esplanade and it was so longggzzzz.. Plus smoky like hell. Ugh, lucky the stingray was like totally worth. Lol. Had a nice (takeaway) dinner by the bay, heehee.

And finally, 502-ed home despite it being rather late alr, thank you love for the day and sending me home! :DDD

School's been fine, except for the stuff I mentioned earlier. Went to eat Haagan Daaz with love one of the days, been long since I had good ice cream. Lol. We laughed at some old guy who was so insistently digging his nose, I was truly amazed and humoured. Lol. You've to be there to rly get what I was laughing at, but yeah. Hah!

OH! Town with Nurul, Aifah & Pramod on Wed after (stupid & annoying & disorganised) FYP briefing to get our backpacks! Shoulder's dying soon, and we got our bags from yakpak after much considerations. And Farhan go die okay, Yakpak not wanna-be!!! haha, its good material lor, and my bag is so amazingly light even though I put in my training stuff. Lol. Happy! :D

And on last sunday, it was Claud's birthday so we went out! :D Marina Sq and cityhall since we were sick of town... wanted to get a wallet but couldn't find a nice one, but in the end I managed to find it online. Lol. Yay, OOS in stores so yeah. Still waiting for it to come...
Anyway, we had dinner at NYNY which was gooooood. Shopped around, took pictures, then went to Bugis where she was meeting her colleagues and I went home to catch Star Awards and my She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan HAHA. wth.


Free candy floss!

She's going KL this week I think.. Have fun babe! ;)

What else ah..... See. Point of not updating regularly. Rawr..

Oh, had FIC (fencing intro course) on last... sat. Lol. Yep. So the freshies came, and yeah, had games, bonding sessions, introductory to fencing by individ weapons groups. Lasted till 4pm (0.0) and then once agn, sabre's desire to go North Borders once again dashed because everyone was too tired and the weather was a killer as well. So we had KFC instead, and stupid jokes and idiotic stuff as usual. Lol. I rly think we're the most rowdy team but hey! We have fun, and we're bonded. We don't care how others think, so long we're happy and we're not doing anything wrong. Blehhh.

And I should rly post up the FIC pics before I get chased again.. Lol.

So that's about all for the week. Trng tmr, and so far, freshies are still okay lah. Lol. And my body's rly aching.. muscles formation. Hahah, yay. But arghh, achyyyyy..

Btw, pardon the low quality pictures featured. My phone's cam is a lousy 2.0 so yeah, I'm not exactly the type that brings my camera out everywhere it goes. Bulky leh. Lol.

P/S: If you're wondering about my title post.. Yes, it's very much with reference to Wonder Girls - Nobody. Lol. The entire sabre team is caught up in it, and it's featuring as out team official song. HAHAHAH WTH. Everyone, go learn the dance alreadyzzz hahaha!

check it out here : x



Anonymous said...

hey, may i know where did ya got ur black bag? the one in the last pic! and how much did it cost u?

WENBING! said...

got it online! around 30$ i think. (: