Monday, August 3, 2009


So we went to check out Ion Orchard today! Superrrr hugeee and they have 4 basements!!! Lol. well, first level onwards are all branded goods so we headed down to basements where the affordables ones remain. Lol. The topshop is so colourful!! I likey!! Heehee and so much more organised. They restocked some of the old stocks as well I think. :DD Awesomeeeee ~
Too bad RI and Uniqlo aren't open yet. And they have the Rubi store!! Neon shoes! Lol.
And not to mention, awesome Dunkin' Donuts opened there!! Long queuesssss so after exploring the entire basements except B3 and B4(the food court I think), we went to queue up to get dunkin donuts! :DD

Got out of the mall and took a breather outside on the red seats to eat our donuts, and took pictures as well! :D

I look weird in the 2nd picture but Nadj looks cute with a hamster face!! :D

Oh we got new friend today, Yellow the balloonnnnnn ~ Heehee. I wanna watch Up. And hopefully the sabre gang are gonna watch it this weekend. Lol.

Freaky eye in the 1st, normal-er in the 2nd. LOL.

Not fair, he has longer eyelashes...

I found Yellow a new friend!!

Before Ion we went to FEP and ate @ Hans, then searched around for my outfit for FYP presentation. Finally got it at This Fashion which surprisingly stores rather good looking skirts and long sleeved shirts. Happy I amzxxzx. :DD

New friend yellow!!! :DD hahahaha -.-

My havianas broke on friday so we walked to NUM to get new flops, and yay NP students got 20% discounts. Lol. And the sales guys were damn funny, love said they actually scissors paper stone to decide who to tell us the promotions. Lol.

Mac at heerens basements for dinner, and we ended up reading newspapers/read book to rest our feet as well, before home in 143! (:

Oh, Sha's birthday was on friday, and we went to sentosa to celebrate! Will do a post when I get the pictures from Pramod, all I can say is that the car rides were damn eventful. From trying to escape ERP to taking the wrong route and ending up just below the ERP no 2 and running to 7-11 to top up cash card to getting lost and to sentosa finallyyyyyyyyyyy. Lol.
Had to get back to school for Nadj's award ceremony for CCA with Farhan, JB and Saiful, so yeap... Got free buffet food somemore. Quality ones. Lol. We went to One Rochester where Farhan worked and drank. Woah, the amount they serve apparently is more than the normal ones out there, value for money. And needless to say, Alcohol + Extreme tiredness = Knockout when I got home. Lol. =/

Tmr's WPD presentation, then Tues's practical test (SHIT NERVOUS) and then wed's the FYP presentation.. at 7pm!!!! Damn. Tough week. I can't wait for friday already. Rawr.

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