Monday, August 24, 2009

22nd. XOXO

Happy 22nd, love. :D
Time flies doesn't it.. 2 more months and we hit 2 years. Haha. Memories during our first few months together still fresh in my head. Gonna miss you hell lots when you enlist, but I have faith in us. ;p
Thank you for always being there for me, no matter what kind of temper I throw or how upset I get, thank you for always being so patient with me, and never the one to flare up first.
And thank you love, for always giving in and doing the little things to cheer me up. Though our relationship ain't one that depends on monetary value to make us happy, but your presence and the things you do to make up for it are more than enough.

xoxo, yours. :D


Waruku (Pasta) for dinner, Borders before that to get my mag, and dinner was gooood. :D Fullllzzzz. Hahah. Walked around to visit the favorite shops but nothing much since it was near to closing time. Town was awfully quiet but I like! No crowds, and for the first time, FEP was soooo quiet. Hahah. :D

McCafe to slack around, pictures before home.

Love youuu hun!


Today was the last day of school for year 3, nxt sem onwards are all attachment. Sigh. The 2 exam papers overall was alright, we had enough tips to get by so yep. I hope I get a decent GPA for the Sem. Hahaha. :D

Oh we took class photos sometime back for year book, so here they are. Used picasa to compile the pictures for this post because I'm quite tired to load them up one by one, besides, Picasa is the next awesome thing around. Lol.

P02! Without Nabil.

We retook today, with Ros and Nabil with uniforms but I don't have the pictures so this shall suffice! haha.

One of the days when we rented DVDs to watch... I think we were watching Pulse 2. hahaha hence Nadj's clutching my pillow. =p

I have 6 days of holidays. Am gonna fully utilize it manzzzzzzzzz. Hahahah. Okay gotta go sleep naowwwwwwwwww, bye!

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