Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rawr, one last paper to go for Monday and year3 (acad-wise) is over. Bahh, then again people who know me wld know that i'd rather take exams anytime than go for attachment. Lol. 6weeks.. gosh. At least I've Mellie for company!! :DD

Gna get my BB nxt week.. Hoorayy! :D

Getting to sleep nowadays seem tougher than usual. Sigh, too many thoughts running through, too many what ifs colliding. Need to give myself a knock on the head to make everything go away so i can sleep.. Sigh. So in the end, I've been sleeping really late.. well. thank god for study week.

Will update after Monday, a proper one with visuals. (:

For now, back to NURM and.. gotta stop surfing the net. Lol.

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melissa said...

:D:D and mellie got you for company!!! :D