Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Gotta mind my spending for this month.. I really wanna save money and not spend on online shopping for this month but its so temptingggggggggggg. Rawrrrrrr.

Cannot, must save must save must save. I want to get my BBB this week, so I MUST SAVE. No spending of clothes. Yes. Can do it.

I need my mum to sponser for my tp.. Ahhh tmr got lesson somemore. PDL renewed today. Damnit, driving's sucking me dry soon. Shittyyz.

On a brighter note, I dont think I'll spend as much during attachment?



Old Newbie said...

hey, u din get my comment that time huh? lol.. er.. u looking to get the BBBold or Curve 8900?

anw, tt doesnt matter.. let me ask u one question. Do you plan to sign up BlackBerry Data plan(not those M1/Singtel Data plan)? If no ar.. don get it. becos, the phone will only can call, sms, use some of the application via wifi or data connection if you sign one(each month your bill will be at least 50 buck for both the normal plan + data plan).

it's basically a piece of useless bulky phone that cant do much without BB plan and Data plan.

I wanted to get the 8900 previously but becos of this, i get another phone.

Choose wisely la.. get iphone 3GS.. haha you can sign Sintel Ifexi lite at $39 per month with 500 mb of data connection which is quite alot for normal usage.

Old Newbie said...

just to add on, if u sign the normal contract + BB plan + data plan.. one month at least 70 - 80 buck which i believe it will be more.

WENBING! said...

haha hello! yeah i knowwwwwww but i rly want the BBbold. and yeap, i'll be taking the data plan i guess. haahha. my normal phone bill is quite okay so even if added up with the data plan, wnt be over 100 also lah. and, there's 2 data plans right? im not taking the 60plus bucks one, the other data plan i think.hahahaha.

and i dont like iphone!! ):

Old Newbie said...

u on singtel? er.. u check out

$48 + $24.90 = abt $72 leh.. u siao ar? do wat bizz? haha... want throw money don need like tt one .. can throw into my bank acct leh.. anw.. i believe is the qwerty keypad that makes u want it rit? haha.. i kena tempted also.. so in the end i get e71.. now don like liao.. want to change another phone but forget it since i change nto long ago nia..

u can get the HTC touch pro 2 or the HTS snap. Snap is similar to BBB cos gt the trackball thingy.. LOL..

WENBING! said...

haha nope, im on starhub. :D

they have this data plan called blackberry premium..
"Data plan for BlackBerry-supported devices that comes with 1GB bundled data. Excess usage charged at 0.32cts/kb & capped at $36.38. Support BIS only. $10.70 registration fee applies."
and another one that is blackberry unlimited, that one is bout 60 odd.

so yeah. haha no lah, not just qwerty keypad, my current phone also have! hahah just that i like the whole design. :D

Old Newbie said...

LOL.. up to u .. haha.. don later regert the high bill ar.. haha.. so bulky sia tt phone.. nice meh?

jia let i now very tempted to get iphone 3GS liao.. at least nicer than BBB or BBC or BBS!! haha

WENBING! said...

but iphone is like so overrated. =/ i dont know leh, iphone 3gs good meh. like.. =/ hahaha.

haha i'll check out the plans when i want to buy the phone first lah, but i think i'll prob go ahead bec starhub doesnt charge as high as singtel does. (:

thanks anyway!!

Old Newbie said...

LOL.. it is overrated.. but very wow leh.. i surf WWW on my e71 like sian only cos of the screen size. but I use my ipod touch surf ar very shiok.. haha.. den iphone can call etc ma.. gt camera some more can Jailbreak which is very ez to do.. haha

No worries man!