Wednesday, August 5, 2009



We're left with just the report which is already almost done to be submitted next week. Presentation today was awesome!! I never felt like this before in my 3 years of presentations. Gosh. First time so formal, first time so nervous, and first time felt a great sense of achievement.

All the late nights slogging, the worrying, the SUPERDUPER LACK OF SLEEP, the last minute touch ups and stress and anxiety, I swear we ourselves were already suffering from depression and anxiety. (our topic was depression and anxiety leading to suicide. LOL.)

and we got a damn A. A. A FREAKING A. I'm still in shock that we did it. You have no idea how happy we were when Thomas told us our grade. Ohmg, we literally skipped/ran out of the lecture theatre after we were done, squealing and yeah, I burst into tears. Seriously, all the hard work and effort paid off, just for that 25mins.

I love my team mates man. Thank you Aifah, thank you Nurul, thank you Sha, thank you Ros and thank you Fang Yann! The past 2 years with you guys working our asses off on every projects and presentations gave me faith and confidence that we could make it. And despite this being the most impt presentation of our entire 3 years in Nursing, even though it was damn last minute and we only managed to finally complete the ppt 2hours before the presentation, I'm proud of it all. Proud that you guys were the ones that I share this glory with. ♥♥

Really, this entire week is the most draining of all. Monday was WPD presentation, Tues was the last practical skill test of our 3 years, Today- the big FYP presentation and tmr would be DDD presentation even though its the least of my concern at all. But honestly, I swear I'm going sleep and catch up on my hours after class ends at 10am tmr.
It's all coming to an end, finally. (:

p.s: I dont really wanna think about that issue for now, I dont know what im supposed to do to salvage it but honestly, I'm really too tired to do anything. Let it be.

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