Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here & There.


Love ballads playing loudly in a vintage car, windows wound down. A young man sits inside, his hands wrung together as he peeks out nervously at the house. Couple of minutes later, young girl in pretty twirly dress and ribbon in her head, skips down the steps of her house and down the path leading to the car. Young boy adjusts his tie, opens car door, catches the girl in his arms just as she puts her arms around his neck. Gazing at her eyes deeply, he says, "I've been waiting."

Oddly romantic.. I like scenes like this. Not very well written but that scene was what came to my mind when I was walking home, past a vintage car playing a love song and windows down. (: Didn't get to really take a good look at the drive, but I doubt he'll be anywhere near the above.

Time check: 10.29pm, Wednesday.

Five more days to CT and so far, I think revision's quite on track for me. Sense of accomplishment. (: I hope I managed to get Paeds done by at least friday morning or something. Haha. Hours of mugging in library yesterday, monday, and today. And much much much thankyous and lovelovelove to the boy for accompanying. :D Keeps me sane around. Hahah.

Oh.. It's kinda scary as to how many people actually noticed my hair. haha, Its quite freaky because well, I don't think I'm much noticed around, (seriously.) So yeah, kinda scary when people actl come up to me and ask about it. Lol. But thank god, so far compliments and no ugly ones. Hahaha. :D

Red Camp's on for these few days, i'm hoping for free food to kope. Hahaha! And no, I've no idea why they put monkeys part of the balloon decoration. I, don't really see the link... =/

Hmm, that's about all for now I guess. Though I'm quite pressed for mugging time, but I think I'll still train tmr. Well, exercise is a good form of releasing those stress right? haha.
For now, I'm going to try loading the new episode of GG and last week's Grey. I hope Grey works. =/

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