Saturday, November 1, 2008

The damn good songs.

I know I'm quite slow in proclaming this but, JAY CHOU'S SONGS ARE STILL THAT AWESOME. Hahahah. It's been already a month since the new album was out, and I didn't listen to any until like, now so yea, I'm like thrown back into the era of secondary school when Claud and I always K-ed his songs and sang them like, most of the time be it in school or kbox or buses. Haha. I don't know, for me, Jay Chou's works have always held a more meaningful place in my heart, maybe it's because I have many memories linked to his songs, many people and friendships forged closer because of his songs as well. And of course, the sad ones also due to his songs (Hah, D, wth. ) So yep. People who know me well, also know that his albums are the only ones that I actually buying original and keeping them from the first till now.

But I haven't gotten the his recent one yet, and I was trying to get it today at IMM while out with the love but apparently the shop didn't sell, so I came back, and tried to download and hear first since there was an insane urge to want to try out the new album.. and halfway Dad came back and said, "Eh I bought the CD quite sometime ago already what. I play it everyday in my car.." Trust me, I went "zzzz". Should have called him first. Hahaha, but yay okay, he bought it so I can save my money and still have the original one. :D:D
And seriously, the songs are awesome. Can I proclaim once again, how much I really really really like the slow songs of his? Sigh... They always have this "awww" and cringing (for the good, not bad!!) effect... Sighhhhhh.. hahaha. Must loop them over and over again like the old times till the lyrics get stuck. So, tonight is Jay Night. Hahahah!

Well, that was some long talk about Jay chou, now back to my week! :D

Let's see, we're done with NSL family planning presentation which was yesterday. And I think we can win the most ultimate-last-minute people award if there was ever such award in the world. We originally wanted to present with just PPT but after pondering, it seemed like such a boring way only so we decided to use brochure and models also. Thing is, we decided only on thursday and I had training so reached home really really late.

Thank god that Friday classes starts late, like 1pm, met up with the group around 11 and we printed stuff at Canteen 2, and got only the materials at CO-OP and grab instant lunch. Started only on our brochure and models at 12pm and holy shit, WE MANAGED TO FINISH EVERYTHING BY 1245PM. Hahaha, I love the group, we're seriously goooood. Hahaha, insane cutting and pasting and shrieking around of "Shit where's the scissors", "Ohmg, What the hell is this.." and " Countdown time of __ mins to 1pm!!" but yes people, we made it. :D:D And we did pretty alright for the presentation I think. Phew phew phew. Hahaha!

After class yesterday, Aifah, Nurul & Me had impromptu decision to catch "The Coffin" at WM so we did and it was... average lah. The storyline's barely there and the scares are mediocre (though I kinda shrieked at one point BUT that was because I was concentrating on talking to Nurul so yeah, hahahahah) but okay lar, we paid 6$ for student price so not much of a damage done. But I wouldn't recommend it for weekend movies cause I'm sure it;'s not worth more than >$8. Hahaha. Burger King for dinner after that with mad insane laughter and jokes about almost everything and anything, funny dinner. Lol. 157-ed back and watched GA! Yayz.

OH OH! I want to catch REC!! Hahah, apparently its also known as QUARANTINE so yeah, zombies and more zombies and I'm very eager to catch it!!! VERY. Hahah, I think I'll drag the love to watch it next week... if there's time. ):

No training today, speaking of which, Thurs's training was the last for David. ): I wonder if there's anyone coming next week.. but ohkay, nvm. Lol. Slept in really late, and woke up with damn headaches again. Have been having quite alot of recurrent headaches this week, which doesn't spell good. Sigh, if my long lost friend aka the migraine comes back, I might have to go digging for the meds and I can't exactly remember where I last left them.. =/

Met up with the boyf around 3 plus and went to the library. Finallehzz returned my overdue books (aye, the love-hate relationship with the library I swear..) and got new ones, and I should really make a mental note to try finding where my library card is since my ezlink/IC is blocked from borrowing thanks to the lost ezlink card the other time. ): Bahz... Banquet@Imm for lunch, and then we walked around abit. Bought Old Chang Kee and love bought roti bunssss hahaha and we sat outside the fountain to eat. :D Yupzz, after that long bus rides home! :D:D <333333>

Oh, my pay isn't in for the month yet thanks to some glitch thing over at NUH, so yeah, emailed the person about it and apparently it'll only be in on 7th. Ahhh, must try to scrimp in the meantime.. Haha.

Sian.. There's the referee seminar thing for fencing tmr, so yeah.. I think I better go read up on it.. I hope it'll be not so boring with the guys around, lucky cass is going otherwise I'll be the only girl. And love's not there so.. bahh. I rather go buy my ipod..... Pray that Daddy gets it instead. Haha!

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