Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Watch the video!! Hahaha, its a short clip that was showed during PAS2 lecture, but it kept rewinding in my mind and I think it's damn cute lah. Stupid Stewie. Hahahaha.

So anyway, mid week update! Alot of projects coming in, and more deadlines looming. Should make a note of what's coming up...

  • PAS2 individual assignment - Next friday
  • ELAHA - Next friday (?)
  • NS3 presentation - Tomorrow!
  • NS4 maternity team written assignment - This friday
  • NS4 pediatrics presentation - Next wednesday
  • NSL practical test - Next tuesday

Oh wow. Now that I've listed them down, it really looks.. alot. Hah. Shoots. ):

Anyway, the referee seminar on last Sunday was quite cock since there wasn't any test/exam so yeah... basically just go there and sit down hear hear. Hahah, and funny thing was that like only 1/4 of the people stayed behind for the sabre part. And out of that 1/4, NPF sabre team was like, 3/4 of it. Lol.

So anyway, after the seminar we went to IMM for dinner at Subway. :D We're healthy people! Haha, talked about the club, people, issues etc which felt quite... relieving in a sense. Haha.
Very long decision making of whether we should all head home, or go over to a bistro-pub near Farhan's workplace. Lol. In the end, Kenneth, QX, JB, Momo and me went with Farhan. Bouna Vista, North border and happy hour for entire day, so we got good drinks at a steal. :D Hah, and we ordered buffalo wings which was SUPERSUPERSUPER killer.
Okay, the buffalo wings has like 3 levels of spicyness and we decided to (smartly) go for the most spicy one, and when the food arrived, everyone took one bite and immediately died. Lol. Seriously, we were all teary-eyed and insanely stuffing ice into our mouths which I've come to realise it's a really bad idea because the ice is just temporary and what comes after that really stings. Lol. Thank god for this waiter who saved our lives with ice cool water but still, everyone left with huge lips. Hahahaha! But I think the place's really nice, the food looks really good too. :D

Oh, and I got a new phone on Sunday too. Courtesy of Dad, haha, damn surprise he really got it for me. :D:D But yeah, its the Samsung- F480 gold edition. :DDDDDD Happy happy!! Hahah, no idea I've used the SE one for almost a year, and I still love it like nuts lah. I hope this phone won't make me regret giving the SE up. =/ haha.

AND on the same day, Dad went to get the big tv from grandma's place, so now we have a new tv and its damn clear and I like! Though I haven't had the time to sit down proper and watch a programme on it.... Yes, damn no life I know. Hahaha.

And yay, Obama won!!! :D:D:D Haha, may the world become a better place. Hahah, but yeah, I think he'll be good. :D Today was rather funny, because they were showing the election stuff on tv at Megabites, so it was like everyone was watching and the funny thing was that everytime people walked past the tv, they stop and watch before moving on for a couple mins, WITH their food. Lol. Quite a funny sight actually. Lol.

Aye, shoots. It's almost 1030pm. You know, I came back at an amazing time of 6pm today, which is by far the earliest since I dont know when, and I happily went for nap and when I woke up, 2 and half hours already passed. Sigh..... shit lah.

Okay okay, i'll get back to projects. Now.


**-Guang-sky-Ming-** said...

ar... see. new phone again. haha.. stop wasting $! haha.. and you noe, there will be a subway in np blk 52 next year? as well as koufu.. haha.. i heard from one of the IT help desk's sir..

WENBING! said...

hahah eh what, its not i buy lor. hahaha. it was a surprise gift okayyy. hahaha, and OHMG REALLY. SUBWAY?!?! I LOVE SUBWAY!!! hahaha, oh i heard they're making a new canteen like at near 52 there also. AND YAY SUBWAY AT 52 = NEAR HS BLOCK!!! :DDDD

**-Guang-sky-Ming-** said...

haha.. yea.. Koufu food court and i suppose it should be air-con-ed.. lol.. and subway is at 52 there too.. lol..

I wonder wat happen to all ur ex

phone.. ahha