Sunday, November 9, 2008

Starting of Week 5. ):

Hellozzzz, I am currently very annoyed because I cannot do my NSL e-quiz 2. Urghhhhh, gonna email tcher about it and see what I can do. Sigh... ): So anyway, our NS3 presentation is finally over and done with, and surprisingly we did pretty well. Damn glad and relieved... hahaha. :D

Nothing much for the week I guess. Went to Fish&Co. with the love after school on friday @ IMM. Had the new york fish & chips, cause I couldn't resist cheese, and I swear that I'll get stingray next time... Lol. Had fried calamari also, and love had some salmon thingy, which smelt (and tasted) damn gooodd. :D:D Walked around after that in search of nice ice-cream and swenson's was full so yep...


Saturday, had training, and friendly with RGS. (: And I'm bruised now. My thigh has a huge bruise incurred during one of the friendly bout, and my the other thigh has bruises due to I don't know when either, and my thumb's nerve is injured thanks to Farhan. Lol. I get the tingling/numb sensation and its swollen at the lower thumb area... Gah. ))):

Thereafter, we went to lunch @ market with 2 of the RGS girls, hahah they're very cute and friendly!! :D:D Heehee. Went to town with the boyf after lunch to find Nurul's present. Wisma, Taka and 4-5 rounds of FEP and I still couldn't deicide what to get. Had Gelare's icecream&waffle in between at FEP while waiting for replies and calls, and ohmg, the waffle's damnnnnnn nice okay!!! Hahah. At least it made me happy. Haha. So without any rewards, we left the place and bus-ed home.

Lots of love & thank-yous to the boy for accompanying me the entire time, who was probably tired after the morning's event & training, and had to carry a sabre around the entire time when we were searching.. ;) Love you x manymany!! :D

Met up with Mellie & Sya this morning after ytd's failed attempt to get Nurul's present, and we headed to Lot One to find. Managed to get her a Everlast watch that has a ultra cool design, and then we bus-ed over to her place. Apparently, her family invited her extended family, and couple of us including Aifah and the Comm so yep. We met her cousins, ate duper nice food (chicken, sambal prawns, chicken rice, laksa, pohpiah etc etc) DAMN DAMN DAMN NICE. hahahahahah!! Gave her the present, and watched her opened it, and us trying to figure out what was the correct way to read the time... heehee. :D Her cousins very cute!! Haha, poor Dihao kept getting aim-ed by the kids, I think it's because of the pink shirt. =p Hahah.

Yep, then went home with Sya & Mel.

Oh btw, Christmas is a month ++ away.. :D I like watching xmas decorations! hahah, and taka has their big tree up, plus I think somemore decorations being done at town. I want a xmas tree too.... ):

Ah right, I should get back to research and individual assignments. Oh! Just had an hour talk with the BFF, hang on!! 5more days to go and you're freeeeeeeee! Hahah, best of lucks, girl!

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