Sunday, November 16, 2008

I want an Oven. ):

Moody week, rough week. Today's sunday & I hope the "bad week" luck ends tonight at 2359.
I must believe that tomorrow is a good and better day. Cliche as it sounds, but it's going to be my motivation line. Lol.

Nothing much for to update except presentations for this term are officially over and done with. I'm really amazed at my group efficiency in last-minute jobs, hahaha. Not that I mind, since I'm part of the TEAM but really, to be last min and yet still manage such decent work, I'm damn proud of you people !! Kudos to the team! Haha. NSL practical was on Tuesday, & I got Infant bathing with Vicky. Ohmg I almost freaked myself out to death. But thank god, I didn't leave my baby unattended and I carried it quite okay I suppose. =/ Passed lah but I hope its a decent grade still.

So, I met Claudine yesterday since she's done and over with the As. Hurrah to you. Lol. Earlier on was school, meetings after another meeting. zzz. The standard chartered one was damn lame though, we already knew most of the stuff whatzzz.. total waste of time. Met the girl at Clem after fencing meeting, bumped into Awul while waiting hahah, and headed to town with C. We did what we procrastinated long enough and thought about, and luckily the result wasn't that horrible. It's quite nice actually. Heehee. (:

We practically roamed around aimlessly after that, checking out stores after stores. Sat at the sofas at Cine and camwhored while Haagan Daaz promoters wandered around us.. Grabbed dinner at Cine and then we bus-ed home early. Damn tired, and we came to a conclusion that we are indeed growing old. Cannot tahan long hours already. Hahahahah.

Took more pictures but I'm lazy to upload since they're taking forever to load anyway..

Went out with the boy today. Town again, cause initially wanted to look around for my backpack, but in the end we didn't. Lunch at botakjones @ youth park with new friends made like the bees who love sprites and not fries & potato salads. Lol. Went to NLB after that and got new books, I like huge collection of books. Haha. Doubt I'll have the time to read though, with CT approaching in just a week's time. ):

I shitted like, twice today, and both are diarrhoea-like so I feel hungry now.... Should I eat cupnoodles? But I scared I'll shit again later.... HAHAH. Okay whtever, I think I'm going to eat it. :D

And regarding the title of the post.. Yeah, I want a damn oven. But Nadj just insisted that cooking hotdogs in an oven will explode the oven so yeah, he just shattered my dreams. ): But I rmbered cooking them in the oven before!!! And they were edible... grr. Don't care, I'll embark on a mission to search for the cheapest oven ever... Want, oven. Want, oven!! ))):

Before I sign off, Here's a rainbow! I'm happy because I haven't seen rainbow for very long, and I think maybe Nadj's rainbow attract-or. Twice with him, I saw rainbows. Maybe it's supposed to be a happy sign. (:

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