Saturday, November 29, 2008

Subway or Famous Amos?

Sudden cravings for cookies.

Maybe I'll get tomorrow after training... heehee. :D To make me happier and make my dysmenorrhea less saddening.

So, CT has ended, and they were fortunately with God's blessing, relatively smooth. Hah. I hope for decent grades.. well, except for ELAHA which was half screwed. Lol. Training at UPCC tmr, and then showcase/internal competition on sunday.

Then, it's to two weeks of babies & kids. God, please bless me with smooth two weeks, especially let me be able to wake up superearly for the long rides, and that people will be pleasant to work with.
Not to mention, probably will miss love alot.. )):

Lighter note, I see him everyday for this week, yayzz. Hahah. Okay, I'm getting sleepy. Should sleep early today to wake up for trng tmr....

Lovesss to antelope! ♥

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