Wednesday, December 24, 2008

14th, & Merry Xmas. (:

Couple more mins to Xmas now.... Hahaha. Just got back on awhile ago, escaping the countdown. Haha, Nah, think I'm getting too old to be sprayed around in foam.. and well, getting sloshed and drunk isn't my kind of any idea for a Xmas eve celebration. (: hahaha.. Though this year's celebration wasn't anything extravagant, I got time away with the love, and we managed to accomplish our plans(mostly) for the day!

Well, so what did we do... Met up at my place early in the morning despite the rain, and then we went to shop for food at Sheng Siong before returning to my house. Slacked off time first because we were too tired from yesterday's training to want to start cooking.. =/ My legs are aching like insane, I can't even climb stairs properly. Bahhhzzzz.. hahahaha.
Anyway.. we finally decided to start preparing around 11 or so, cooked and all.. Well mainly Nadj's the chef since well you know.. hahahah.. I'm the prep one only. Heehee. :D:D We cooked nuggets, spaghetti, hotdogs, and mexican drumlets! Cooked extra for my brother since he was home, for his lunch. (:

Packed the food into boxes, and then changed and all. Headed to Botanic Gardens for our "picnic" which would have been a real picnic since we really prepared everything, but thanks to the stupid rain, we ended up benching under a pavilion instead.. ): But ohwells, the food was niceeeeeeeeee heeeheee and we had squirrels and lotus-landing birds for company. Oh, not to mention sleeping indian man on bench like.. couple feet away from us. Haha. :D

Left Botanic Gardens after our "picnic" and bus-ed to town. Went to Lido to book tickets for Sex Drive @ 630pm, and walked around to kill time in between. Sales everywhere with awesome prices but with awesome queues that really just left me hopeless and helpless so I guess I'll go back maybe tmr or friday to get my stuff instead.... )))): Sian. Hate long queues, hate messy crowds. Rawrrrr.. Like entering battle zone okay. Bah.
Walked back to Lido and it started pouring again, rainy xmas eve. Hah. Saw parade which was cute and admirable since the people had to keep waving to the passerbys on the parade cars(?) despite the rain.. =/ Haha. But ah, christmas spirit. Haha.

Sex Drive was... nice actually. Haha, ultra megalord funny, and hilarious. Nice to have a good comedy for a fresh change and thought the storyline's really simple, but the show's really really good. Hahaha, am glad we caught it lah. :D Walked to Gelare @ FEP for waffle icecream after that! Yayzzz! Damn sweet though but well, I like the waffle taste. :D

Took a long long long long long bus ride home.. and surprisingly town seemed more quiet compared to past years. Maybe it's the rainy weather that kept the crowd away, but.. just can't help but feel this year's festive spirit not as strong as other years.. Probably economic wise too huh. I hope new year's gonna be more bustling!

Looking forward to a good rest tmr, and maybe some time with the family. I feel like eating at Benten cafe.. :D:D:D But I wanna get my stuff also... Aye. We'll see.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! :D Have a nice holiday!

& to the love, Happy 14th. Love always. (:

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