Monday, December 15, 2008


  • Benten cafe at JP1 is freaking freaking megalord awesome, I swear. Salmon&Mushroom creamy soup pasta for me, Curry rice&pork cutlet for Claud. Damn freaking awesome, and super worth the money. Definitely going back again.
  • Roamed among the endless stream of people in JP2 and got bored so we left and went home early. :D
  • I have fencing camp tmr and my bag weighs a ton, plus I have to carry my sabre and a pail and my shoe bag. ): Very unwilling to go.. I need a bloody freaking rest. I need to wake up late on weekdays. Ughhhhh hate this. Hate. This. Very. Much. (Thank god for the boyf)
  • Please do not let anything screw up for camp, let it at the very least, run without any major conflicts. Sigh.
  • I hate childish adults. Behave your age, please. Ughhhhh.
Please let tmr be smooth, and may the negatives go away.

I miss you, honestly speaking.


melissa said...

There is no mellie mentioned.


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