Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Camp&RJComp + Pictures!

It's 2 days more to xmas, do you feel the jingly jingly festive spirit? :D:D Hah, okay since its past 12 alr, so technically its 1 more day! hahaha.
Ehhh, actl not much of a festive spirit for me this year. Xmas feels too near and too fast.. and before you know it, 2008's gone like this. I'm quite fearful of what 2009 might bring, partly because I already have an idea what the challenges the new year is going to usher in.. but ah well, that's another topic for another entry isn't it? (:

So from the last entry I've updated till now...

Camp 08 is over and done with last week! (: Surprisingly, it wasn't as intensive as I thought since we spent half of the time playing bonding games... which surprisingly in my own opinion and no offence to anyone, I think sabre did a good job. yeah well, we might be rebellious and annoying at times, but still, you've gotta admit that the enthusiasm comes from the most unexpected ones. But oh well, whatever it is, thank you sabre team for the energy you gave in the so called team bonding games.... :D:D

Accomodation was awesome too, 3 rooms, i huge living room, 2 toilets and a kitchen. Hah, no tv sadly but wahlao, i think our room (okay fine, the sabre guys) was the messiest. The guys went out on the first night to 7-11 at Shell and brought back tons of junk food, and a carton of coke. HAHAHA. So called, training camp..... so yeah we played cards, risk, music the night off and then slept.. 2nd night was no better, in fact worse because vodka was introduced thanks to someone who keeps such stash in his locker.... so yes. JB, Farhan & I drank a little too much and we kept giggling like idiots the entire night. Embarrassing stuff as well, but yeah...... hahahahahaha.
Look at the stupid pictures we took with Farhan's laptop... hahahahaha!

The place was quite dusty I think, so had an allergic reaction the next day so I left camp early than the time supposed to, with Nadj to the doctor and got a jab. Gahhhh.. Lovely boy sent me back and stayed with me the entire time while I slept and woke up.. :D:D:D

So that's for camp.. After camp was the RJC open competition. So yes, the entire week was basically Fencing week. Hah. Sian okay, not enough sleep at all. Thurs was the guys' individual, and only Farhan, Kenneth & JB took part so yeah.. Didnt win anything but JB went as far as to Quarters I think. And wow, we witnessed some funny drama melodramatic fencing but.. well. ;) haha. 2nd day (Friday) was the girls' event and well, only Wendy & I are the only sabre girls so only we two.. Did rather badly thanks to the bundle of nerves I was in so yep.. didnt survived my poules unfortunately and Wendy got to 3rd round of DE i think. :D We chicken-riced after that which was damn goooood but hahahahahah funny thing.. kenneth got stomach flu thanks to that so he didn't make it for the next day's event.. which was team event for guys sabre. They took bronze. (:
And in the midst of all, the awesome boys broke 3 blades of their own, and Nadj broke one of the opponents. Hahahahaha, crappppp..

The other weapon groups did well too also, Foil took down gold for both girls & boys team, and guy's individual, Epee took bronze for boys team and gold for boys individual. :D Nice job NPF. hahah.

So yeah.. pretty much summed up the hectic last week.. with insane travelling to RJC and back.. =/ Sunday was Isaiah's one year advanced birthday celebration(He's a xmas eve baby actl :D) so went down and ate.. and a little family gathering here and there. Overheard news of plans to go overseas during CNY, which I'm for and not for. Then again, my opinions doesn't really count I guess. Lol..

Ahh, Long entry, isn't it? Hahah. Well, have a merry xmas everyone! I hope tmr's gonna be fun.. heehee. cannot wait actl. :D:D:D:D
I like xmas, I really do. :D


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