Monday, December 8, 2008

4 more.

The long weekend's gone like this. Ahhhh... nevermind. Must be optimistic right.. so this week, will be superultrafast. Yes, 4days. 4 FREAKING DAYS. And I'll be out of KKH. Must. Do. It. =/

So where should I start. Work's fine, paed's okay. But well, I got sick like I mentioned in my prev post, and ran a fever one of the days. So the next day after my fever, armed with flu & sore throat still, I went back for work and guess what. For the entire 18 years of my life..... I passed out. In the ward. Lol. Yes, I'm stunned by my ownself too. First ever okay! And yar lar, partly due to not eating breakfast. Lol. Thank god it happened in the treatment room and not at counter, so at least not that paiseh. Hahaha, but seriously. Pretty scary yet amusing. Lol.
AND YES STOP ASKING ME TO EAT PEOPLE..... I will do so okay!!! Lol.

Other than that, nothing eventful except we're starting to serve medication. Which is nice but different from the usual cause alot of calculations needed for paeds. Not to mention, different common drugs. Ohwell. At least I'm learning. Lol.
Dad sent me food for the prev 2 afternoon shifts since I complained of the lack of food and not to mention, the sick feeling of Mac. Lol. So yay, he did and I'm grateful for having something to eat. hahaha. Pathetic lah...

Sat.. slept in really late. Till 12 plus 1, and slept again at around 3 plus. Lol. Then went out around 6 to meet love, and we went to the library. I finally got good books (time traveller's wife!!! ohmg!!) haha, and one of sparks'. :D yay yay yay! So coincidentally cause I was almost near to deciding to get time traveller's wife since it's always on loan, and then on sat, I managed to get it! :D Hahah, haven't started though.. But I think it's going to be good. Hehe. Dinner at IMM's subway yay to cookies. Hah. Walked around abit, before he sent me to school. (:
So yep.. was supposed to report at 9pm at school for the standard chartered marathon race. Waited for nurul and aifah to come, then we reported at the LT. short briefing before they let us off for own free time before reporting back at 2am. -.- Damn lame, I think they should just ask us to report at like 5am or smth.. zzzz.

Went to Al-Ameen to eat supper after Sha arrived, then walked back to school. Dark. Lol. Found the empty benches at level 2 and we fell asleep there.. not much though since it was chilly and hard. Boarded the bus around 230 and reached Padang at 3am. Our station was the last, at finishing point so we need not be there til like, 530am or smth?!? Arghhhhh... total waste of time. So I fell asleep at the pavements of singapore at 3am and woke up 2 hours later, moved off to our station and stoned throughout. Till the first runner came in at 730am. =/ Then, more and more people came.. so it was a straight stand through & deep-heat rubbing and stretchering people off till 1pm, and we were really damn damn damn damn damn tired and awfully sunburnt and dehydrated ourselves. Ugh. Left at 2pm cause really buay tahan already... =/

Met up with Nadj after we washed up and all.. bought tickets for Magadascar 2 since there wasn't anything else to watch. Hah. LJS-ed for food, sent my phone for repair bahhhhzzzzz and then went in for the show. Fell asleep halfway because I was seriously damn tired. Hahah! But I managed to catch the end okay.. Lol. Quite funny lah, not bad. Lol at least love was amused. Hahahah. We caught the wrong bus home and ended up at Bukit Panjang before getting the right bus back.. and then I reached home and got knocked out from 9pm to 11am today. HAHAH.

Today.. was family day. :D
Went out for cheap yet gooooood dimsum opposite paradiz, Sunshine plaza or something? Damn ulu okay that place, but the shop has long queues. Lol. And brother came along, surprise surprise. And not surprisingly though, he went home after lunch. -.- Lol no life-r seriously. Hah. Walked around town after that with Mum & Dad and we were lamenting the fact that Orchard has changed quite a number after our each individual last visit. Lol. My Mum got lost at somerset mrt, can u believe it? Hahahah, can't blame her though. So many renovations and constructions around the area alreadyzz..
Went to FEP and got my hair fixed up again, and lucky I went with them.. hahahah. ;) We had nice desserts, then walked around somemore before heading to Cathay and took away SUSHI!!! Yay yay yay!! One craving down.. hahahaha. :D:D:D And then homezxzxzx..

Yep, see. How fast 3 days pass. I wish time pass as fast for this entire week, till friday. Pray hard hard.. lol. Oh, BTT's on wednesday, and I barely started studying so I think I better do some reading tonight. And case study!! Hah. Shoots. Okay, I better go now....

Good luck to those having CT this week! And for the attachment people, Hang on and it'll holidays soon!!! :D

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